Ssangyong Rexton - One of the best selling Sports Utility Vehicle

  1. REXTON 2006 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 2,450

  2. REXTON 2011 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 6,430

  3. REXTON 2016 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 12,100

  4. REXTON 2012 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 4,700

  5. REXTON 2009 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 3,920

  6. REXTON 2007 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 2,450

  7. REXTON 2019 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 19,880

  8. REXTON 2006 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 2,500

  9. REXTON 2007 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 2,450

  10. REXTON 2015 Ssangyong REXTON

    Price: US$ 12,750

The Ssangyong Rexton was manufactured by SsangYong Motor Company. It is a mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV).This SUV was introduced in the year 2001. Ssangyong Rexton has two generations. There is no surprise that Ssangyong has created this vehicle marvelously .It has all; the marvelous features that you want in your car. This vehicle is also called as the Micro Rexton (Sri Lanka), Huanghai Aurora (China) and Derways Aurora (Russia). The cars was design and styled by Giorgietto Giugiaros Italdesign studio. There are numerous of advantages that you should consider before you buy this marvelous SUV.


Reasonable Price

At present time because of the global crisis many buyers are not able to buy expensive cars they usually prefer to buy low price vehicle. The best thing about Ssangyong Rexton is that Ssangyong Rexton price very good price .You can easily buy this SUV. If you are looking for a suitable Ssangyong Rexton then you can easily find out this vehicle through any online Japanese auction.


As we all know that Japanese used cars are getting extreme popularity in all over the world. These used are in a very good condition and they are at an economical price. The best part is these use cars are fully outfitted with good quality accessories and Japanese strictly inspect their vehicles before they export .

According to the Ssangyong Rexton review this SUV is very popular in many automobile markets. People love to buy this marvelous SUV.A large number of Ssangyong Rexton has been import every month in many countries across the globe.



Safety features is very important for any type of vehicle. Ssangyong Rexton is fully outfitted with excellent safety features. These features provide you smooth and safe drive. You will be satisfied while you are traveling with your friends and family on a long distance journey.


Its safety features includes Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with off switch this feature is help to improve the cars intervention capabilities, Active rollover protection, Dual front and side airbags, Immobilizer it helps to protects your car from unlawful access, Strengthened body structure with reinforced steel panels, Rear windscreen defogger and many other features. These Ssangyong Rexton specs make this vehicle more powerful.



The interior of Ssangyong Rexton is very elegant. This vehicle has the capacity of five or seven passengers. There is no wonder that Ssangyong Rexton has a luxurious and comfortable interior. Its interior features includes Steering wheel , Touch screen Infotainment system with MP3, audio controls, DVD, USB port & Aux-in and 6 speakers, Day and night IRVM, Steering wheel with tilt function and audio controls and many more.


Color Options

  • Volcano Black
  • Satin White
  • Moondust Silver
  • Opulent Purple


Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption - 29 mpg


Recommended Models

Many buyers love to import this vehicle. Every month a large number of used Rexton has been imported in various markets from Japan. The most recommended models include Ssangyong Rexton 2015, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007 & 2005.


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