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Passo Car Price In Uganda

  1. PASSO 2012 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,390

  2. PASSO 2013 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,260

  3. PASSO 2013 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,440

  4. PASSO 2005 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 610

  5. PASSO 2017 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,820

  6. PASSO 2013 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,210

  7. PASSO 2013 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,400

  8. PASSO 2018 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 4,580

  9. PASSO 2013 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,360

  10. PASSO 2013 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 1,210

Passo Car Price In Uganda

Toyota created a model that is easy to drive and maintain, especially for small families and drivers who prefer such cars. It is a 5-door hatchback comprising Daihatsu small cars technology and vehicle planning and production knowledge of Toyota. The car has good storage space and a low turning radius, due to which its sale is extreme in various markets around the world.

Passo is so easy to drive and maintain that even a new driver can use this car. A family member who is new at driving and needs a car for everyday use can opt for a Passo car in Uganda. It is easy to park and drive to the workplace, shopping malls, or anywhere you have to visit. Its subcompact body and good storage increase its demand. Toyota has also redesigned Passo and came up with three generations with updates and improvements.



Three Generations of Passo

Toyota launched the first Passo in 2004, after which it underwent a few changes. A total of three generations have entered the market. The first was from 2004 to 2010; the second entered the market in 2010 and stayed till 2016; the third was launched in 2016.



First Generation Passo

The first Passo had a body width of 1665mm and a body length of 3595mm. Its height was 1535mm, offering 1.0L and 1.3L models. The turning radius of the car was 4.3m. There was a 3-cylinder water-cooled engine in the former engine and a 70 brake horsepower (BHP). The latter comprised a 4-cylinder water-cooled engine with a little over 88 BHP. Both engines are equipped with dual cameras. The model was compact with a very convenient body. It looked good and was suitable for new drivers and small families. The model especially suited female drivers since it was easy to manage.



Second Generation Passo

The dimensions of the second-generation Passo were similar to the first-generation Passo. However, the car is a bit longer than the first generation, i.e., 3640mm. Additionally, Toyota upgraded the engine in this generation to a dual VVT-I engine, creating an energy of 94 BHP. The second-generation cars had a continuously variable transmission (CVT) gearbox. There were some additional options like vehicle stability control and transaction control. With all these upgrades and the same good features, the model became even better, and the demand increased. The upgrades showed that the company is after making Passo a better vehicle with the same convenience.



Third Generation Passo

The Third generation Passo comprises only a 1L 3-cylinders 1-KR-FE engine. The vehicle is available only in a one-front-wheel-drive layout. Just like its previous models, the third-generation Passo is a very fuel-efficient car; it gives 27.6 km/l. Passo is a low-maintenance car, and the fuel efficiency further makes it low maintenance. This vehicle is considered suitable for females, new drivers, or small families. The car is ideal for urban driving and daily use.



Passo In Uganda

Uganda is the 15th poorest country in the world, making it very clear that its industries are not too efficient. Since the country has no resources and people are poor, it is not into luxury vehicles. However, Passo has achieved success in the country. It is affordable and fuel-efficient, highly suitable for a country like Uganda you can also check Passo Car Price in Uganda at sbtjapan. People in Uganda are not well-off, so they look for affordable, easy-to-maintain, and fuel-efficient cars. Buying a car is not only expensive at the time of purchase, but it can be expensive afterward, too, if not fuel efficient. Therefore, fuel efficiency is important for people in Uganda.

Passo is suitable for urban and congested areas since it is a subcompact and can enter small streets. It is easy to park and drive through. This shows that Passo can be a very useful vehicle for an underdeveloped country to fulfill the needs of people who cannot afford expensive vehicles. It is why Passo has had great demand in Uganda because people find it convenient and perfect for their daily needs and budget. Even though its pricing is not too high, whether new or used, Passo is budget-friendly.



Passo Car Price In Uganda

Both new and used Passo are in high demand in Uganda. The price varies based on the model and use of the car. A used Passo costs around USh19m to USh30m. The cost can be lower than this if it has been used more and the model is old. A new Passos price can go up to USD 50m which is converted into USD USD13,389.66. Third-generation Passo is comparatively higher in price than first and second-generation, which is how prices vary. However, even first-generation Passo can still be found in Uganda. It is because the people of this region are not very well-off. The prices in USh look high because the currency is devalued while the same amount converted into the dollar is very low since the foreign exchange rate is 0.0002688.

Both prices and features are highly suitable for the people in Uganda. Compared to other vehicles, Passo is budget friendly and provides great features for daily use and easy maintenance. Passo has succeeded in Uganda because it gives value for money and is affordable for daily use. People in Uganda find it better than other cars because a new driver, a female driver, and small families can easily handle it. People buy this vehicle from dealers or car owners who want to sell their cars. Both new and used Passo are in demand per the buyer budget. Passo has proved to be one of the best compact cars with the latest features and fuel efficiency to make driving and maintenance easy for the owner. Its low-maintenance nature is a great attraction when buying, along with its size and fuel efficiency.




Uganda is an underdeveloped and 15th poorest country in the world, where people cannot afford luxuries. They look for facilities but cannot afford too much to buy such facilities. Their priorities differ from those in developed countries, while their currency devalues. To fulfill their daily needs, they look for things that are budget-friendly and inexpensive to maintain. Affording an expensive luxury car and then spending a huge amount monthly for fuel and maintenance is unachievable for them. A subcompact and low-maintenance car like Passo is all they need to facilitate themselves and limit their spending.

Passo is a small car that has achieved fame in Uganda because it is light to the pocket, fuel efficient, easy to handle and maintain, and suitable for new drivers, small families, and females. The car demands limited maintenance and is more fuel efficient than other small cars. The model has been improved with time. Its third generation is more useful and efficient in fulfilling the demand of people in Uganda without tearing their pockets. The prices of used and new cars are affordable, providing value to the buyer.

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