Nissan Wingroad - The Improved Stylish Body

  1. WINGROAD 2012 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 960

  2. WINGROAD 2007 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,840

  3. WINGROAD 2016 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 4,900

  4. WINGROAD 2009 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 10,500

  5. WINGROAD 2018 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,150

  6. WINGROAD 2007 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,800

  7. WINGROAD 2016 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 1,740

  8. WINGROAD 2008 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,870

  9. WINGROAD 2010 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,640

  10. WINGROAD 2013 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 4,520

The Nissan Wingroad came in 1982 and is also called Nissan AD in multiple markets. It is used as a small commercial van being a substitute to Honda Partner. It has gone stylish over the years though initially it had greater space with no frill to support.

It has increased sales both as used Nissan Wingroad and brand new one:

Stylish Chassis

In the first generation VB11 series the body was launched as 3/5 door van/wagon option. It was more square-rigged and utilitarian in appearance. The rear suspension was designed keeping commercial usage in mind. The Nissan Wingroad got a bit more shaper in second generation Y10 with 5 door wagon and 2 door pick-ups to support. The Y11 series further brought in improvements keeping the preference of different customers in mind. The Y12 series came from 2006 and continues till today, as a 5 door wagon option.

The colors available in the vehicle include Red, Blue, Beige, Black and Silver option in high end price range. The general color available is White the cheapest stock. The uni-body chassis came as a bonus with best support to reduction in accidents. If one part is damaged the chances are that the Nissan Wingroad will still run well.

Engine Improvements

The engines available in the first generation included the 1270 CC, 1487 CC and 1680 CC option all available in inline4 technology. The highest displacement came as a diesel option, with towing enhanced to a new level.

The second generation came as 1500 CC, 1600 CC and 2000 CC option with improvements done as according to the requirement in Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia. The latest models include 1200 CC, 1500 CC, 1600 CC and 1800 CC option available in inline4 technology. The transmission was available in 5 speed and 4 speed option to support.

 Hence Nissan Wingorad station wagon has carved its niche with its stylish and safe option.



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