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Nissan Primera - The Model for Your Family

  1. PRIMERA 1997 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 3,560

  2. PRIMERA 1997 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 4,830

  3. PRIMERA 1992 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 6,790

  4. PRIMERA 2000 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 9,760

  5. PRIMERA 2002 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 5,820

  6. PRIMERA 1999 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 9,760

  7. PRIMERA 1995 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 19,020

  8. PRIMERA 1991 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 9,200

  9. PRIMERA 2001 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 2,450

  10. PRIMERA 2003 Nissan PRIMERA

    Price: USD 4,830

Overview of Nissan Primera

Toyota motor company continues to fascinate with its car model. Their saloon car version, the Primera is a beauty. The original model launched in 1996, the Nissan Primera was popular for family rides. Now Nissan has gone further to improve the car to attract more customers. This facelift new model is set to capture a large part of the market. There are several models of the Nissan Primera including the 2000 Nissan Primera GX, the 1998 Nissan Primera SMX and the Nissan Primera P11. The Nissan Primera is a simple but classy model that is able to cater for your travelling and carrier needs. It is reliable and generally quick enough. It is suitable for you and your family. Nissan Primera price is incredibly reasonable as compare to other cars of this type.



The new Nissan Primera looks like a hatchback. This classy vehicle has a multimedia screen and buttons that are touch sensitive to give it a high-tech nature. The Nissan Primera cabin is well structured and looks attractive. It hosts very smooth seats that have been built with quality. The Japanese company has created a classy family car in Nissan Primera.


Nissan Primera Generations and Trim Levels

Generations include P10 (1990–1996) , P11 (1995–2002) , P12 (2001–2008) while The Nissan Primera came in six trim levels at launch: L, LS, SLX, GS, GSX and ZX. The most famous japanese used cars models of this car include 2010, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 models.

Performance and Handling

NISSAN PRIMERAIn europe, Nissan Primera was sold with 1.6 L & 2.0 L petrol as well as 2.0 L diesel engines. A review of the Nissan Primera shows it has an efficient engine. This is important in reducing your running costs. Additionally, it has affordable insurance rates. Its grip level is great and it is able to manage well even in rough terrains. An average fuel consumption of this model can amount to 47mpg of diesel. Additionally it has a turbo charged engine unit of 2184cc fitted with a manual gearbox. The Nissan Primera can reach a maximum speed of 126mph. The engine produces minimum vibration and noise in a stationary state. It also has anti-lock brakes that have been fitted with brake assistance for safety measures.  



Toyota motor company has always met its demands when it comes to the kind of equipment it has on its models. The Nissan Primera did not disappoint when it comes to having impressive equipments. This family hatchback looking car has all you can dream of in a car. It has an alarm, a CD player for music lovers and a remote central locking. Additionally, Toyota has structured it with electric windows at the front.


Moreover, the Nissan Primera has alloy wheels, curtain bags and a dashboard monitor. It has also been equipped with an air-conditioning system to complement its impressive attributes. Its interior section is spacious enough for both passengers and the driver.


Note that, the Nissan Primera specifications given in this article are general specification. The specification may vary slightly from one model to another with other model getting additional features. For example, some Nissan Primera cars have DVD-featured navigation system.  

In conclusion, the new Nissan Primera is a remarkable model. Its great features should give it the opportunity to be in your car-shopping list. If you are looking to buy, the Nissan Primera price differs from one country to another and with care dealers. Check online to find the best dealers that offer this car at a good price.


Nissan Primera Price

Nissan Primera is available at SBTJapan website within price range of 1000 USD to 2000 USD depending upon condition, model and mileage.


Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average Fuel Consumption - 25 MPG.

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