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Top-Notch Nissan Note Price In Kenya

  1. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 7,760

  2. NOTE 2018 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 7,160

  3. NOTE 2021 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 15,990

  4. NOTE 2012 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 2,560

  5. NOTE 2018 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 6,530

  6. NOTE 2016 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 5,790

  7. NOTE 2013 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 2,880

  8. NOTE 2022 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 17,720

  9. NOTE 2016 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 6,930

  10. NOTE 2013 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 3,790

Did you know that Nissan Note is one of the most popular vehicles in Kenya? Even though Nissan Note is famous across the globe, it has a different fan base in the East African country, Kenya.

Kenya is among those countries that have a rising population which makes it a market for both brand new and secondhand cars. However, the most preferred used vehicles in Kenya are the automobiles designed and manufactured in Japan.

As a result, Kenya imported 20 percent more cars in 2020 and 30 percent more vehicles in 2021 than in previous years.

Moreover, in the East African country, Kenya, consumers prefer Japanese vehicles over local ones, which started manufacturing in the 1980s. For that reason, KIBO Africa Limited has moved from manufacturing cars to limiting themselves to only designing and manufacturing motorcycles.

Furthermore, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., a Japanese automaker, is one of Kenya oldest designers and manufacturers have been in the market for more than 60 years. Furthermore, Nissan is known to be the East African car market hub and has a vast customer base in Kenya.

In addition, Nissan offers spare parts, complete sales, and service dealerships in three Kenyan cities Nairobi, Nakuru, and Mombasa. Nissan Note is one of the most famous cars in the country as the Nissan Note price in Kenya is reasonable, and the out-of-the-box features are the best among its competitors.



Overview of Nissan Note

Founded in 1933, Nissan Motor Corporation is a Japanese automaker with its headquarters in  Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Japan. Furthermore, Nissan Motor Corporation has been a fragment of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance since 1999, with only a 15% non-voting stake.

Nissan Note is considered a hybrid between a tiny hatchback and a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) that is reasonably priced when compared to its competitors, such as Kia Venga, Honda Fit, Honda Jazz, etc. In addition, the boxy shape and raised seats and the Nissan Note fuel consumption make it stand out from its competitors.

The first generation of the Nissan Note was launched in 2004 for the Japanese and European markets. However, a few years later, the car was marketed in the United Kingdom and all across the globe.

In addition, Nissan Note is characterized by three different generations with respect to the safety performance, design, and engine:

1. First Generation – E11 (2004 – 2011)

2. Second Generation – E12 (2012 – 2019)

3. Third Generation – E13 (2020 – Present)

The multipurpose car Nissan Note is the most satisfying car that provides the best Nissan Note fuel consumption and has all the safety and security features built-in. In addition, the original production of the vehicle began in 2004 with the concept of the Nissan Tone.



Nissan Note Price In Kenya

Nissan Note is one of the most economical vehicles across the globe with standard features. This vehicle has all the capabilities of being a perfect family car. However, the Nissan Note price in Kenya can be determined by the vehicle trim you choose.

Moreover, it also depends on the transformations and extra features you are looking for, but the typical price starts from KES 304,460.20 (2,530 USD) and can go up to KES 1,399,554.20 (11,630 USD). Besides, Nissan Note is available in three different trim levels:

1. 15 RX

2. 15 S V-package

3. 15 S



Nissan Note Specifications

The Nissan Note possesses a 1.2L HR12DDR superefficient engine that is adequately powered and offers smooth acceleration. Moreover, here are a few specifications that can entice you to buy Nissan Note:



1. EPA Classification - Midsize Cars

2. Engine -6L DOHC 16-Valve 4-Cylinder

3. Drivetrain - Front Wheel Drive

4. Electric Power-Assist Speed-Sensing Steering

5. Maximum Horsepower @ RPM - 109 @ 6000

6. Single Stainless Steel Exhaust

7. 7 inches color touchscreen

8. Maximum Torque @ RPM - 107 @ 4400

9. Manual Tilt Steering Column

10. Wheelbase (inches) -4

11. Power Rear Windows

12. Length (inches) -7

13. Width - without mirrors (inches) -7

14. Front & Rear Cupholder

15. Height (inches) -5

16. Cruise Control

17. Front Track Width (inches) -3

18. Rear Track Width (inches) -5

19. Remote Keyless Entry

20. Passenger Capacity - Five

21. Total Passenger Volume (cubic feet) -1

22. Brake Type - Front Disc & Rear Drum

23. Anti Lock-Braking System – Four Wheel

24. Manual Air Conditioning

25. Day-Night Rearview Mirror



Reasons To Buy Nissan Note

The Nissan Note vehicle model is built on the V platform, available in both front-wheel and front-engine drive. Moreover, Nissan Note also offers a four-wheel drive option. First, let us look at a few reasons to buy Nissan Note:



1.     Decent & Stylish

Nissan Note, designed and manufactured by a Japanese automaker, is an efficient small car that is stylish and decent to drive simultaneously. The vehicle possesses contemporary looks and is a strong car that is more substantial than the conventional superminis. Moreover, the exceptional space efficiency and flexibility of the vehicle well-planned interior space make it an ideal match for families of more than three people.

In addition to the extra space for passengers, the car is equipped with room for bags and baggage. As a result, this vehicle is a good value for money.

Moreover, the Nissan Note price in Kenya is based on the top-notch technology, incredible functionality, and the Nissan Note fuel consumption, making the vehicle a competent contender accessible in the class of compact cars.



2.     Safe & Secure

The Japanese-made Nissan Note seamlessly demonstrates how brands strive to offer the customers guaranteed security and safety features. Similar to numerous other branded vehicles, Nissan Note is also equipped with a Safety Shield.

This great list of comprehensive safety and security features also includes a blind spot warning system, lane departure warning, and advanced moving object recognition feature, which can be used to prepare the driver for the hikers on the track of travel.



3.     Power & Performance

Nissan Note is built with a combination of three different engines and a start/stop function to deliver the least CO2 emission. The basic variant of the Nissan Note is equipped with the 1.2-liter engine, which offers the best Nissan Note fuel consumption and the most negligible CO2 emission.

Furthermore, the 1.2-liter DiG-S is flexible and swift and is commonly known for generating 65.7 mpg.



The Final Word

Nissan Note was accepted all around the world for its practicality, space, and fuel economy. Moreover, the vehicle ranges from 1200 CC to 1600 CC.

In addition, Nissan Note is one of the most popular vehicles in Kenya and across the globe. With the Nissan Note price in Kenya being so reasonable, it is the most preferred vehicle for a family with more than three members.

In addition, the vehicle possesses a boxy shape, elevated seats, and the best Nissan Note fuel consumption. As a result, it makes Nissan Note stand out from its competitors across the globe. So, if you want to buy a Nissan Note, we recommend purchasing the vehicle with a reputed car dealer such as SBT Japan.

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