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Nissan Note For Sale In Jamaica

  1. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,180

  2. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,100

  3. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,370

  4. NOTE 2011 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 1,000

  5. NOTE 2016 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 1,850

  6. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,100

  7. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,180

  8. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,180

  9. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,140

  10. NOTE 2017 Nissan NOTE

    Price: USD 4,020

Nissan introduced Nissan Note in 2004. It is the first generation note that Nissan marketed primarily in the European and Japanese markets. Its engine ranges from 1200 CC to 1600 CC. Nissan manufactured it in the United Kingdom and Japan. It then brought the second-generation model sold in North America and other regions. Nissan manufactured the second-generation model in Mexico and Thailand. The compact and comfortable car serves those who prefer small cars with useful features. There have been three generations, among which Nissan has improved and updated the models. Nissan updated the models considering the interior and exterior along with the features and technology.



Three Generations of Nissan Note 

Nissan came up with Note as a concept car called the Tone Concept for its first generation of Note. The cars featured a five-door hatchback with an intelligent key with proximity sensors, a double-deck four-slot grille, an arched roofline, a brushed aluminum display panel, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a climate control system. Nissan unveiled the car at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. On the other hand, it unveiled the European model at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show and then at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Nissan launched the Note for the first time in the United Kingdom market. By July 2012, Nissan managed to sell 940,000 units of the Nissan Note.  

Nissan showcased the second generation of Note in 2012 at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show. It was an invitation/hatchback concept built on the V platform, created to sell alongside Nissan Juke and Nissan Micra. The car featured a swage line at the side body panel, torsion beam rear axle, independent front MacPherson struts with coil springs, Nissan safety shield system, and Around View Monitor (AVM). Nissan second generation is famous for its affordability, technology, and comfort. Unlike other compact cars, the Micra is spacious for passengers and storage. The car is very well-designed and comes with unexpected features like road sensors and reversing camera.  

Nissan revealed the third generation Note in 2020, which gives a luxury look. It introduced the models like Note Aura and Note Autech Crossover in this generation. Third generation note is only available with an e-power series hybrid 2WD or 4WD drivetrain, which came into the market later in 2021. In this model, one electric motor powered the front axle, and another powered the rear axle. Nissan started selling the Japanese models in 2020 and the e-Power in 2021.  



Nissan Note in Jamaica 

New and used SUVs are highly in demand in Jamaica, especially among the young generation. The import of used Japanese cars is therefore high in Jamaica. Nissan Note is among the most demanded SUVs in Jamaica because of its stylish look, affordability, and reliability. People demand both new and used cars for sale in Jamaica. Moreover, people in Jamaica prefer buying Sport Utility Vehicles designed and manufactured in Japan because of their fuel efficiency and performance. The vehicles manufactured in Japan are the most popular in Jamaica. It is because of their extraordinary features like fuel efficiency, resilience, affordable prices, consistency, and great performance. The vehicle market in Jamaica is moderate, reporting around 5000-5500 units annually, but this number includes mostly compact cars.  

Nissan Note ranks second among the best SUVs sold in Jamaica. Top-ranked in Toyota Yaris, followed by Nissan Note. In comparison to its competitors like Honda Jazz, Honda Fit, and Kia Venga, Nissan Note is in high demand. Features that make it different from competitors are the futuristic look and fuel efficiency. The car is famous among young Jamaicans for its easy and fun-loving driving experience. They find it convenient and manageable with good looks. Nissan Note is one of the successful models by Nissan, which also achieved success in the Jamaican market. Nissan sold Note 2017 in the Jamaican market for around JMD1.8 million. The price is based on the year of production and the distance the car has traveled since it left the factory.  

Fuel efficiency is a key indicator that buyers consider before making a decision. Although purchasing a car is a one-time investment, the user has to keep paying for the fuel. Most consumers, therefore, look for cars that are fuel efficient and have low fuel consumption. Nissan Note serves this purpose as well, due to which people in Jamaica prefer it. The model is fit for young Jamaicans who cannot afford luxury cars and want fuel efficiency. The combination of good looks and fuel efficiency is the best combination in vehicles these days. It is the main reason why Nissan Note has achieved success. Its stylish look attracts people, due to which it is competing successfully in the market. The number of used and new Nissan Note on the Jamaican car-selling websites clearly shows its demand in the market.  



Nissan Note For Sale In Jamaica 

Nissan Note is one of the most demanded cars in Jamaica due to its fuel efficiency and trendy look. The car is especially for the young generation, who find it attractive and convenient. For a compact car, it is much more spacious than its competitor models while it looks like a small luxury vehicle. Dealers and car owners are selling Nissan Note for sale in Jamaica at affordable prices, and potential consumers are interested due to its prices, features, convenience, and comfort. Nissan Note is a model Jamaicans and many other markets around the world appreciate. Its e-power makes it even more attractive and convenient. E-power comprises a high-output battery and the powertrain combined with a power generator, gasoline engine, motor, and inverter.  

Hybrid cars are highly in demand since their use is affordable. Nissan Note interior and exterior, along with its hybrid nature, make it attractive to consumers. In comparison to other SUVs, Nissan Note is preferred in Jamaica because it is spacious, trendy, affordable, and fuel efficient. The younger generation in Jamaica likes this car since it serves their purpose. The buying and selling of Nissan Note are fairly active in Jamaica. The car has outperformed many other SUVs and has become the second most-liked small vehicle after Toyota Yaris in Jamaica.  




Japanese cars have a good reputation in Jamaica, and people find them attractive and affordable for their routine needs. Jamaican people are fond of small vehicles that look stylish but are not very expensive and have some nice features. Nissan Note has managed to fulfill the needs of people in Jamaica. Especially the young generation who want a good-looking car, convenient and affordable. Nissan has introduced Nissan Note in three generations. It has updated and improved the models to make the vehicle better with time. Since consumer needs change with time and technology, it is imperative to keep the car updated.  

Nissan has successfully offered a hybrid SUV to fulfill consumer demands economically. Both new and used Nissan Note are in high demand in Jamaica, while the prices depend on the model and use of the car. Nissan Notes engine ranges from 1200 CC to 1600 CC, and the vehicle also provides high fuel efficiency. Affordability, looks, and fuel efficiency are the most important reasons its demand is high.  

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