Nissan March - The Car to Get You Marching to the City

  1. MARCH 2017 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,360

  2. MARCH 2016 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 5,140

  3. MARCH 2019 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 8,090

  4. MARCH 2010 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 1,840

  5. MARCH 2015 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 1,040

  6. MARCH 2013 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,760

  7. MARCH 2013 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 3,170

  8. MARCH 2018 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,660

  9. MARCH 2017 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 5,200

  10. MARCH 2017 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,170

Classy and Comfortable Car

Since its presentation in 1982, Nissan March has been praised in both Japan and abroad including Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Argentina and many other countries, for its unrivaled driving simplicity, extraordinary dependability and brilliant durability. The new Nissan March is the fourth era of this prevalent arrangement and has been intended to development its "client neighborly" DNA - with expanded drivability and comfort and best efficiency.


You will love driving the Nissan March, and your travelers will love riding in it. In Japanese used car market, Nissan March 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 are the most demanded models. Indeed, on rough terrain, the high-execution suspensions smoothen out the knocks for reliable solace. The Nissan March, even at high speeds, you will be amazed of how it is easy to control. The chiseled front and sides, and particularly the smooth clearing top, demonstrate that this is an auto outlined for rationality as well as for style and execution.


Spacious Car

Space is a very important factor, yet there is more than enough of it inside Nissan March. The point when moving around city streets, the Nissan March is light-footed and simple to handle. Furthermore, it has a decent, tight turning sweep. Include great front and back driving ability, and you have an auto that guarantees without stress driving even on restricted city avenues.


With a turning span of 4.5 m, the Nissan March maneuvers well at tight corners and sharp angles. Additionally, the Nissan March suspension has an excellent range for stun osmosis, considering delicate settings, so you can get a charge out of a smooth and pleasurable ride. Upper analysis models furnish all the support you have to break likely, securely and legitimately. Its Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps anticipate slipping throughout crisis braking, while its Electronic Brake energy Distribution (EBD) advances brake compel consistent with payload, and Brake Assist (BA) upgrades full braking execution in crisis scenarios. The Nissan March reviews explain this mechanism better and in more detail.


Nissan March Specs are Outstanding

Moreover, it has a double SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) front airbags offer extreme cased security to all travelers.  Another incredible characteristic is its Keyless Go that can remotely control entryway locks or begin the motor, which is joined with the Automatic Retractable Door-lock-connected Door Mirror.


The measure of engineering in the Nissan March is great. It utilizes a three-chamber, 1.2 L motor making 79 HP. That does not resemble much, yet the autos main 2020 lbs. That small motor (which has a supercharged variant that flips the digits to 97hp), is mated to an intriguing cinch driven CVT, which thusly has its own assistant 2-speed transmission. This synthesis takes into consideration a more diminutive, lighter CVT, and gives the March a 20% higher degree that takes into consideration better responsiveness on beginning and quickening.


The motor is likewise a mill operator cycle ordinarily just discovered in stages. This cycle takes into consideration better effectiveness and lower outflows at the out of pocket of a slight misfortune of low-rpm power, remunerated here with the special adapting and the discretionary supercharger. The motor limit is 1198cc with a force of 76bhp at 6000rpm. The Nissan March cost relies on upon if it is new or second hand. On the other hand, usually the March is not exorbitant. This is an auto for the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to keep it straightforward however in the meantime jump at the chance to be amazing. Nissan March price justifies the lucrative features offered to its buyers.



Nissan March is available at SBTJapan website within price range of $ 1000 to $ 5000 .


Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of Nissan March is about 7 litre per 100 km.


Customer Reviews

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