Nissan Figaro - Combination Of Durability And Safety

  1. FIGARO 2021 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 6,740

  2. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 14,210

  3. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 10,300

  4. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 14,120

  5. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 15,230

  6. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 5,690

  7. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 12,790

  8. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 14,230

  9. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 12,800

  10. FIGARO 1991 Nissan FIGARO

    Price: USD 38,270

 Citroen is a French automobile company that was founded in 1919. It has shown fast growth resulting in giving Citroen the status of being the largest manufacturer in Europe. It has seen many setbacks including bankruptcy in end of 1934, Comotor rotary engine venture and the oil crisis of 1973. The spirits remained high and a lot of research followed by implementation made it a success.

The Technicality and Look

For enhanced look, the Citroen C5 Sedan is made of unibody chassis. The high performance followed by efficient fuel consumption becomes possible with the light weight body that is an advantage of such all in one structure.   The body of the vehicle is designed in a way that handling and road grip is optimized with perfect torque distribution to all wheel. Hence the base is made strong enough leading to the structural smoothness. The body colors available in the vehicle includes the most sold Black, the average priced Silver and the least expensive White stock. The Alloy Wheels works in compatibility with the tires to give style enhanced image, and indirect support to contact between road and tires.

Nissan Figaro Safety and Comfort

The safety factor is at the best with the Anti-lock Braking System that support in the reduction of brake lock probability. The Traction Control led to efficient distribution of traction in all wheels. The Air bags comes out from front and side in case of collision. The nylon material is used in the air bags to prevent injuries in case of accident. The crumple zone further causes harm and death reduction with design that absorbs energy leading to deform of shape; minimization. The seat belts are installed in a way that in case of minute jerks balances the body to optimal. 

For comfort the inside of Citroen C5 Sedan have Power Window that makes the transition up and down happens with less force exertion. Power Steering makes the tire more responsive to steering wheel; hence the maneuvering happens to perfection making the torque of the machine optimized. The odometer, fuel indicator and mileage inform about the vehicle condition with the single screen acting as Television and Navigation at the same time. The television acts as an entertainment medium while the navigation system tells about the map of surrounding landmarks.

The Recognition

Although the Citroen C5 Sedan is French made but the body shows the durability and style to the level that it gets misconceived as a German make. It got received as a winner of Semperit Irish Car of the Year and Import car of the year Japan. It has showed up in a number of motor shows as a manual and automatic transmission vehicle. The manual transmission makes the human intervention filled experience. The driver is the lord, having the power of will to make difference. The automatic transmission brought in touch of automation that refined experience to a new level. That is the reason as used car and brand new one the sedan has ruled heart of masses.

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