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Nissan Elgrand 2016

  1. ELGRAND 2004 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 5,020

  2. ELGRAND 2007 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 5,320

  3. ELGRAND 2011 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 13,831

  4. ELGRAND 2018 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 21,100

  5. ELGRAND 2008 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 8,860

  6. ELGRAND 2013 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 12,750

  7. ELGRAND 2014 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 14,000

  8. ELGRAND 2015 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 21,340

  9. ELGRAND 2011 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 8,640

  10. ELGRAND 2014 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 18,650

Japanese vehicles are famous around the world. These offer top quality and variety that easily attract people from different countries. In Japan, numerous automakers are opposing each other. They produce and release a range of vehicles that offer a range of features and benefits.

Nissan is one of the reputable Japanese vehicle brands. They have introduced variations and types of cars that attract people from distinctive classes and have varying preferences. For decades, Nissan has produced comfortable, relevant, luxury, and affordable automobiles.

The Nissan Elgrand is one of the bestseller vehicles from the Nissan family cars. The company released its first Nissan Elgrand in 1997. It easily grabbed attention. People from different countries have shared Nissan Elgrand 2016 reviews, which are positive and influential.

If you plan to go on a vacation with your family, Nissan Elgrand 2016 is the best option.

Nissan Elgrand 2016 Features

Nissan Elgrand 2016 is a powerful vehicle with some impressive specifications. It is a four-door and 8-seater model that belongs to the third generation of Nissan Elgrand cars. It is a luxurious one that meets the family s needs. It gives a premium feel.

When looking for a car, we pay attention to the interior and exterior features and consider the year, make, and model. So if you check out the Nissan Elgrand 2016, you ll find its unique and highly impressive features.

Nissan Elgrand 2016 has two sunroofs at best. It eases the free flow of fresh air to go in and out. It also allows sunlight rays to penetrate. Many used Nissan Elgrand 2016 are imported from Japan every year. These vehicles are cheaper than their competitors in the same segment. Despite the low price, the Nissan Elgrand 2016 offers modern and elegant features.

The exterior of Nissan Elgrand 2016 includes a boxy design. The luxurious features include its pinned panoramic roof. You will be amazed to see the headlamp between the headlights. It also provides turn signal lights. Al these are narrow. At the same time, the front grille consists of some chrome accents.

The side of the Nissan Elgrand 2016 is also elegant and impressive. It has sliding doors that open automatically. Additionally, the chrome-accented side moldings and the door handles add a luxurious impression. The exterior features also give a sporty look that adds value to the durability and reliability of the car.

Moreover, the back of the Nissan Elgrand consists of an LED stop lamp. The chrome-plated enhancer is available beneath and does not fail to amaze the users.

Further, the Nissan Elgrand 2016 has a spacious cabin. It ensures that the drivers and passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride. It is a big car with three rows.

The entertainment systems of Nissan Elgrand 2016 are also impressive. For example, the music system supports USB, CD, and DVD. Therefore, you can earn all the pleasure from this model even if you opt for the used Nissan Elgrand 2016. Other than this, you will also find an MP3 player and AM/FM Radio.

The interior of the Nissan Elgrand 2016 involves various supporting features along with the standard ones. As a result, the design reflects modernism and elegance. Along with this, the model also offers comfort. The dashboard is black and has some wood accents, which makes it look stylish.

The leather wrapping on the steering wheel makes it look classy and provides a firm grip. The car also features an engine start and stop button. It enhances the ease of driving and operating the vehicle—the steering wheel as an Audio switch. You can easily adjust the audio system using it.

The performance of the Nissan Elgrand 2016 might easily surprise you. It consists of a 16-valve engine that is 2,488cc. Its fuel consumption is reasonable as the car consumes 9.3-liter fuel per 100km. It has a horsepower of 170bhp at 5,600rpm.

The Nissan Elgrand has a 360 view screen that makes it suitable for the drivers to see everything. Therefore, it adds to the car s safety and makes it satisfactory for the drivers. Additionally, the Nissan Elgrand has different safety systems. For instance, the obstacle detection sensor helps the driver in avoiding accidents or hitting anything when parking.

Nissan Elgrand 2016 is also on mark featuring the safety elements. The car has 7 SRS airbags that are beneficial in protecting the passengers and the driver. In addition, the vehicle offers the best braking as it consists of braking sections.

Other than this, the car also has additional security and stability features like:

  • Vehicle Dynamic Control
  • Traction Control system
  • Smart Access Card Entry
  • Parking Assist System
  • Anti-Theft Device

Additionally, the rear camera feature makes it easier to park and reverse.

Nissan Elgrand 2016 Review

The Nissan Elgrand 2016 review indicates that the vehicle is safe and stable. Moreover, it offers various benefits to the users as its performance is exceptionally good. Nissan Motors never fails to impress as it does not compromise on quality and effectiveness in any case.

People who are buying the used Nissan Elgrand 2016 claim that its price is justified. The features are highly satisfying. It is one of the best family cars. It also accommodates several large items as the car has a huge trunk. If you require extra space, you can bend the rear seat.

The Nissan Elgrand 2016 review also shows that the engine performance of the car makes it remarkable. The distinguished styling, best-in-class comfort, and quality make it more appealing. The uncompromising pursuit of excellence and dynamism are some of the competitive features.


  1. Is it a good option to buy a used Nissan Elgrand 2016?

Yes. The Japanese always take good care of their vehicles. For example, even the used Nissan Elgrand 2016 is inspected fairly before making it available.

It is a safe vehicle and can turn out to be highly valuable for you.

  1. What are the comfort features of Nissan Elgrand 2016?

Along with the standard features, Nissan Elgrand 2016 also offers the following comfort features:

  • Power front seats.
  • Remote climate control.
  • Dual-zone climate control.
  • Leather seats.
  • Power rear door.
  • Wood trim panels.
  • Power curtains.
  1. Do experts recommend the purchase of Nissan Elgrand 2016?

Considering the expert Nissan Elgrand 2016 review, it is strongly recommended to buy Nissan Elgrand 2016. The car has a 4WD transmission with a 3.5 liters engine.

All the safety features and the interior and exterior attributes make the Nissan Elgrand 2016 a good option. If you are looking for a good family car, it offers space, quality, comfort, and safety.

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