Nissan Dayz - A Joint Venture of Nissan And Mitsubishi

Overview of Nissan Dayz

Nissan Dayz, sold in Japan in 2013, established a joint venture of Nissan and Mitsubishi companies. The first is responsible for the design of the machine, and the second - for its production. A copy of this model is Mitsubishi ek Wagon. Kei-cars are the fruit of cooperation of Nissan and Mitsubishi, for the development and production companies have created a joint venture. The cars are typical of the Japanese segment dimensions - length of less than 3.4 m, a width of 1.5 m and a wheelbase at 2430 mm. For the same body panels differ in front of check-in in the appropriate style of the producer. But Nissan Days has a version of Highway Star.

The design of its front end with a narrow light engineering and a wide horizontal slats radiator grille is a reminiscent of minivans Nissan. In the maximum configurationnissan dayz Nissan Days is equipped with navigation and View Monitor system that allows the look at the car from above, which is useful when parking. Another feature of hatchbacks - touch control air conditioning system, similar to what is found on household appliances. In cars this decision seems to be used for the first time. The power unit is one - a 660-cc three-cylinder engine with a CVT. There are versions with all-wheel drive, but Nissan technically again a little richer.

The Rich Equipment of Small Car

There are plenty of loving and practical details of the Round-view monitor that Nissan Days offer, which is integrated in the rearview mirror on the folding table in the rear up to the hook for the non-contact radio key, which can be folded out of the cockpit on the key board as at home. Nissan Dayz mounted with three-cylinder motor capacity of 660 cubes that is developing in the atmospheric version of 49 forces and turbocharged - 64 l. All versions are equipped with step-less variator and drive may be front or full.

The Interior and Exterior

Nissan makes sure that the interior of this car is comfortable and classy for the passengers. As it is a small car they tried to make the interior spacious and relaxing. The exterior of the car is classy and gives a good look and feel. The headlight and alloy wheel are high quality and goes with the car pretty amazing. The Nissan Days is one of the worthy car to buy.

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