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Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002

  1. PAJERO 2015 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 28,208

  2. PAJERO 2010 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 18,821

  3. PAJERO 2007 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 9,200

  4. PAJERO 2002 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 8,897

  5. PAJERO 2015 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 27,585

  6. PAJERO 2009 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 13,710

  7. PAJERO 2000 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 10,010

  8. PAJERO 2015 Mitsubishi PAJERO

    Price: USD 26,380

Mitsubishi Motors announced the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 in the Japanese market. It is a mini snoopy edition that features easy-to-drive qualities. In 1998, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation brought the fully redesigned version of the mini-vehicle series.

The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 is a special version that follows the Chic and Cute theme. It is visible in their interior and exterior features. In addition, the model reflects the changes in the policies developed by the governing bodies.

The auto manufacturer is known for producing highly competitive and high competitive vehicles. Considering the changes in the automobile market, companies are emphasizing the production of environmental-friendly vehicles. With time, the company has brought outstanding improvements in the car.

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 Features

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 is a small Kei car, which is reliable as well as famous. The automobile is available worldwide. It belongs to the smallest car series in the world.

Like other automakers, Mitsubishi s production was also affected by the changes in the mini-car regulations. Along with conformity with policies, the car ensures better safety performance. The mini-car is longer and wider than its predecessors.

The dimensions of the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 reflect small as a result of its class. However, the interior is spacious and offers large trunk space and luggage room. The model can easily accommodate up to five people.

The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 has very comfortable seats. It is not only soft but durable too. If you buy a used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002, you can easily run it for more than ten years. However, it depends on the condition of the car. Mitsubishi claims that the vehicle is designed and manufactured using high-quality material.

Additionally, the car consists of the following interior features that make it competitive and beneficial for the users:

  • Digital clock
  • Digital odometer
  • Tachometer
  • Leather seats
  • Fabric upholstery
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Temperature display
  • Glove compartment

    The exterior is built using advanced RISE safety body features. It consists of crash-absorbing front, and rear ends. Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 also meets the Japanese and European crash requirements.

    Mitsubishi Motors has always given priority to safety and innovative components. The environmental performance of Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 is also good enough. The model ensures ultra-low fuel consumption. It consists of an innovative MVV engine, which is new for mini cars.

The comfort features of the used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 are appealing. You can easily find the Japanese model in good condition by contacting authentic dealers. Along with safety and comfort, the car also features other beneficial characteristics.

The exterior of the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 is easy to manage. Hence, you can find a used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 in appealing exterior condition.

Other than this, the exterior of Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 consists of the following:

  • Rear and front fog lights.
  • Adjustable headlights.
  • Power adjustable exterior rearview mirror.
  • Alloy wheels.
  • Integrated antenna.
  • Tubeless and radial tires.

    Believe us; the used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 can be highly beneficial for you. It is because the car meets the auto quality standards and includes various safety and technology features.

Moreover, it meets the new Japanese legal requirements for vehicle manufacturing. Along with this, it also meets the European safety regulations.

It has become essential that the new car models are environmental-friendly. The turbocharged versions rely on the innovative MVV lean-burn engine series. As a result, the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 offers better fuel economy. As a result, the automobile releases lower CO2 emissions. As compared to the predecessors, this model is better.

The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 also offers some entertainment and communication tools and systems. These include the following:

  • Radio
  • CD player
  • Audio system remote control
  • Rear and front speakers

The engine of the used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 is tuned to generate low-end torque. As a result, it ensures strain-free driving, which is comfortable and relaxing for the drivers and passengers.

The engine of the mini-car has a powerful power train, which is also very reliable. It is a small and successful model that received a good response in the market.

Considering the various features, comfort, and durability, people worldwide are looking for Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002. The increasing demand in countries has led to increased imports of the used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002. Customers are looking forward to taking advantage of the components while managing their maintenance even easier. Even the used cars are in good condition as Japanese drivers take good care of their automobiles.

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 Review

The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 review reflects that the model is occupant-friendly. The package design has an extended interior and larger space. The headroom is more comparatively, which makes the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 spacious and comfortable.

Some Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 review shows that it is a bigger version of Mitsubishi Pajero. However, the number of doors and dimensions make it different.

Even if you opt for a used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 model, it offers various benefits in the long run. The car not only has safety and reliability features but also provides entertainment systems. Most of the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 reviews presented by experts and users are positive. If you are still confused, you can contact the dealers and gather more information.


  1. What are the dimensions of Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002?

    As the car belongs to the Kei category, you can find the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 with the following dimensions:
  • Length – 3,295 mm
  • Width – 1395 mm
  • Height – 1630 mm
  • Curb weight – 850 kg
  1. Is it safe to drive a used Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002?

    The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2002 review shows that model is highly reliable and safe. In addition, it includes the following safety features:
  • Power door locks.
  • Brake assist.
  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Central locking.
  • Child Safety Locks.
  • Passenger airbag.
  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Driver airbag.
  • Seat belt warning.
  • Adjustable seats.
  • Engine check warning.

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