Mitsubishi Outlander For Sale In Kenya

  1. OUTLANDER 2006 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: ASK

  2. OUTLANDER 2013 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 13,417

  3. OUTLANDER 2012 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 11,271

  4. OUTLANDER 2009 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 5,194

  5. OUTLANDER 2006 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: ASK

  6. OUTLANDER 2006 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: ASK

  7. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 10,485

  8. OUTLANDER 2015 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 18,560

Mitsubishi Outlander For Sale In Kenya Is Available With Both Front-Wheel Drive And All-Wheel Drive

Do you Know, Mitsubishi Outlander for sale in Kenya is a medium-sized SUV available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. There is also the plug-in hybrid version called PHEV which can travel in electric mode thanks to the presence of two electric motors combined with the 2.0-liter petrol engine. Totally revised in design, the Mitsubishi Outlander is a crossover of important dimensions, characterized by a robust appearance, confirmed by the rounded sides and by the black plastic on the wheel arches and underbody. The front headlights, horizontally developed and flanked by the grille, are underlined by the presence of two chrome plating that continues in the lower part of the front, flanking the air intake and surrounding the fog lights.


Pleasant & Responsive

In the passenger compartment, which is soundproofed thanks to the use of insulating material and thicker glass, the level of finishes has improved, as has the versatility of use, which can now count on folding rear seats. People travel comfortably, surrounded by numerous storage compartments. Mitsubishi Outlander is offered with front or all-wheel drive, the latter adaptable to the type of terrain, from asphalt to off-road. Thanks to the generous and spacious cockpit behind, Mitsubishi Outlander is suitable for long trips with the family. The precise and quick shifting is almost sporty, so it responds well to brilliant driving. Even if it does not have the reductions, the good ground clearance allows this crossover to tackle moderate off roads.


The aesthetics of the dashboard are rigorous, and even if the leather inserts add a touch of refinement, the quality of some plastics remains to be improved (those in the central area are rigid); the aluminum-colored profiles and the sporty "binocular" dashboard are pleasant, but the "column" that indicates the level of diesel is not very precise. At used Mitsubishi Outlander price in Kenya, a used car buyer is supposed to expect a dual-zone climate rather than a single zone, and even more the steering adjustable in-depth and not only in height. Convenient to reach the selector behind the gear lever; selecting Sport speeds up gear changes. The design of the entire dashboard is traditional in which all the controls are easy to reach and the functions can be recalled intuitively. The central eyelid dominates with the Smartphone Link Display Audio included with which you can connect your mobile devices.


Expected Specs At Used Mitsubishi Outlander Price In Kenya

Fuel Type: Petrol
Body Type: SUV
Fuel Supply System: Electronically Controlled Injection
Transmission Type: Auto
Steering Type: Power
Front Brake Type: Ventilated Disc
Transmission Type: Automatic
Valve Configuration: DOHC
Steering Gear Type: Rack & Pinion
Rear Brake Type: Solid Disc


About Used Car & Vehicle In Kenya

As already discussed, "Kenya pays keen attention to import and export procedures. Therefore, there is a dire need to be alert to those. If anybody wants to import a Used Land Rover Range Rover for Sale in Kenya, he should know that there are two Kenyan respective authorities, are known as Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and the Kenya Revenue Authority. Both official entities are for secured and legalized imports.


As an Importer, one should know that there are some requirements to follow, and submission of the specific doc to get clearance is one of the important parts. The required docs to submit are, original national ID/passport, evidence of insurance cover, Clean Report of Findings (CRF), Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) for commercial vehicles, Vehicle s foreign logbook to confirm ownership, Port release order, KRA PIN Card, Original Bill of Landing, import declaration form, import duty receipt, Pre Inspection Certificate issued by JEVIC/QISJ (accredited by KEBS) (or whichever the native country declares), and the car registration documents from the previous country, etc."


An Easy Way

Mitsubishi Outlander for sale in Kenya is well profiled, the front seats in fabric with parts in imitation leather are comfortable and hold well when cornering; it is a pity; however, the adjustment of the backrests occurs in jerks and is not very precise. The sofa is practical, divided asymmetrically into two parts that can slide; the seat is rightly distant from the front backrests and wide enough even for three. Easy to recline forward to access the bench in the third row, which has a low seat and forces the occupants (unless they are two children) to travel is not an easy way. The drawer in front of the passenger is double, with the upper compartment air-conditioned.


The steering remains precise and insensitive to the unevenness of the asphalt even at high speed, and the rigor in the trajectory does not fail even in the long bends traveled "in support"; The comfort is excellent both thanks to the well-calibrated suspension (thanks to the tires not too low, the patches feel little), and by virtue of the valid acoustic insulation of the passenger compartment; aerodynamic rustles, rolling noise of the tires if they remain outside, but its engine is noiseless.


The auto builder has created a car capable of combining the safety of driving on all-wheel-drive propelled by a generous turbodiesel engine, in turn, combined with a robust and versatile automatic transmission, "dressing" everything with a car body capable of giving a driving pleasure comparable to that of a normal sedan but with the advantage of a raised driving position able to make the most of the vision of the road you are traveling on.

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