2007 Mitsubishi outlander - A Fascinating Combination of Elegance And Sportiness

  1. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 1,220

  2. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 4,870

  3. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 4,440

  4. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 1,630

  5. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 1,620

  6. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 1,760

  7. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 3,970

  8. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 1,250

  9. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 3,490

  10. OUTLANDER 2007 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 6,990

The Mitsubishi outlander 2007 appearance linked to a clearly identifiable brand identity to a fascinating combination of elegance and sportiness.

mitsubishi outlander 2007The car outlander design inspired by the featured by the 2002 Study "Pajero Evo 2 + 2 concept" with the stressed dynamic front and powerfully pronounced wheel arches leaves no doubt about its dynamic qualities emerge. Among the striking features of the original Pajero Evo 2 + 2 concept that can also be found in the new sport Mitsubishi outlander 2007: The shape and lines of the windscreen, the flowing contours of the front wheel arches, V-shaped profiled headlamps, the front grill, which towards the rear tapering roofline, the upward sweep of the rear side windows.

It is striking in the rear view are laterally into the vehicle flanks in running taillights that make the strict proportions of the steep tail softer and underline the impression of movement in the side view. An equally striking and practical detail is the horizontally split tailgate, the lower part with the pronounced bumper forms an organic unity and accentuates the Outlander also from this perspective sporty. Similar to the seven-seat Grand is set LED taillights a futuristic final accent. When styling the Outlander it is sophisticated, timeless design with no superfluous, fashionable ornament to realize: Essential emphasize omit unessential.

Here, the design team focused on the classic style of the brand Mitsubishi specifications: robust performance, sporty elegance, clean lines, understated emphasis on details - and combined them with elements of modern SUVs. Clear and straightforward drawn flanks and a variety of beautiful details underline this design philosophy. Blade-shaped door handles, smooth side moldings made of aluminum, elegant alloy wheels, a clean integrated into the overall picture roof rails and darkened "privacy glass" accented windows


The sporty and driver-oriented atmosphere of the interior is partly based on motifs from the motorcycle. A dashboard, harmoniously set in the silver-colored applications,mitsubishi outlander 2007 integrated audio controls and a red instrument lighting quality accents, creates a lively connection between the left and right side of the vehicle. As a counterpoint to the widespread impact of the instrument panel, the vertical alignment of the center console accentuates the sporty character.

The high injection pressures of the pump-nozzle system of Volkswagen cause a higher output and torque and lower fuel consumption than comparable diesel engine. In addition - thanks to the relatively clean combustion - lower pollutant development.

Environmental aspects of a 2.2 DI-D engine include: ECCS combustion chamber design, combined with high injection pressures (1600 bar) to reduce the development of toxic substances, classified under the Euro 4 emissions standard, additive-supported DPFS particulate filter of the latest generation. The successful positioning of the Outlander in Europe Mitsubishi increased the attractiveness of the sporty SUV model range by additional drive versions.

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