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Mitsubishi Canter 1.5 Ton

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For Business Transportation, Mitsubishi Canter 1.5 Ton is a Considerable Solution

For those, who have to use large transport as an essential tool for moving business, Mitsubishi Canter 1.5 ton can be considered as a reliable solution. Thanks to the ease of setting up the cabs and the anti-corrosion frames, each model of Mitsubishi Canter proves to be comfortable and suitable for those who want to make a lasting investment.


It is a model born based on detailed research by the Mitsubishi house which, in collaboration with FUSO, has decided to put its engineering knowledge to good use, to ensure a reliable solution for road transport that are innovative in terms of consumption, these trucks are innovated to reduce exhaust gas emissions.


Different options for different needs


Available in a 1.5-ton version, the Mitsubishi Canter has also been designed in a Hybrid version, perfect for those who do not want to pollute. The turning circle has been specially designed to give each driver the ability to move easily even in the tightest spaces, while the Canters set up in a different way, depending on the customer s needs, Canter is efficient and suitable to withstand any challenge.


Its gearbox is double-clutch and the first of its type is designed specifically for heavy vehicles. To help the driver during parking or the curves, the slow travel function is a real help. The Start & Stop function is standard and is part of those technological devices that the company has designed to ensure Innovation, eco-sustainable, and multi-accessorized solution for loaded transport.


Buying a used Mitsubishi Canter indicates, owning a vehicle that is always optimal for long journeys on the road but which, at the same time, does not require a large initial investment. On the used car market it is possible to find different models of Mitsubishi Canter, already verified and tested by professionals. To be precise, different options for different needs, to meet the demands of an experienced and demanding public, the truck is ready to serve the heavily loaded transport purposes but special need always required special cost or expenses.


Specs To Explore & Test in used Mitsubishi Canter 1.5 ton review

Steering Right Transmission Automatic
Fuel Diesel BodyType Truck Flat body
Exterior Color White Drive Type all-wheel drive
Driver Airbag Yes Power Steering Yes
Remote Keyless Entry Yes Power Windows Yes
AM/FM Radio Yes Type Transportation Truck


Please note, the discussion is about used auto; so, for a better deal, it is necessary to know about rival and alike products because Canter offers a wide array of truck varieties. So, this discussion is supposed to be considered, accordingly that to focus on one aspect. However, its interior is well developed and articulately designed. The gear lever is not between the seats but in the panel. The driver s seat has an adjustable armrest. Here too is a customizable steering wheel, backrest, and lumbar support.

Necessary to control

On the side of the passenger seat, there are two glove boxes, one of which is equipped with a lid and locked with a key. At the bottom, there is a niche for A-4 size documents holder, which is very convenient for carrying necessary paper and stuff such as driving license, etc. As you can test, the * brand has slightly modified the headlights. They are now angular as well as refined and grilled. In addition to the special equipment (including common equipment), there could be other add-ons that should be explored and tested at used car exporter places.

The driving position is well developed; Compared to vans with a retracted cabin, you need to get used to the decidedly horizontal steering wheel arrangement, like a truck than a van, but then everything becomes easier. It is necessary to control the accelerator well to avoid skidding since the torque is incredibly high at very low revs. Even on the roughest bumpy terrains, its suspension works very well but with little rebound. If we want to make a comparison, in the long-wheelbase the oscillations are slightly lower.



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