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Mercedes Axor 1833-The Rigid German Truck

Mercedes Benz Axor 1833 for sale is a 4x4 all-wheel-drive truck, engineered by German manufacturers Mercedes. This truck sits in between premium Actros tractors and the rigid Atego trucks. It is a highly rigid vehicle is especially designed for light construction sites. It is also used for long hauling, available in tipper, rigid and tractor forms. It uses 180mm longer of S-cab that offers plenty of space for daytime operations. It is equipped with wide range of engine options unit that delivers plenty of power to carry out various operations efficiently. This vehicle also offers exemplary driving attributes, providing relaxed transportation on longer distance. Moreover, it is a perfectly-suited truck for professionals, which is safer to operate than the rivals.



Mercedes Benz Axor 1833 for sale is offered with different axle configurations and bodies. It includes the most common three-axle semitrailer tractors and two-axle heavy solo truck. It is available in 4x2, 4x4 and 6x2 axles, having the gross vehicle weight of 18 ton as standard. However, the tipper and concrete mixer bodies come with a GVW of 32 ton in an 8x4 configuration. Appearance-wise, it looks bold and durable thanks to its aerodynamic design. This truck underlines its rough character, as it features rectangular light clusters and protective guard that is located in the bonnet. It wears squared-off sheet metal and V-shaped grill that makes it look more dynamic and robust. Inside, it is made beautifully with quality material that gives ergonomic feelings. The cabin offers overall superb build quality, coming with typical good fittings and equipments. The seats are nicely positioned that gives all-around clear visibility on the move. The steering is light and adjustable that assists in providing excellent drivability. Moreover, it feels solid and extremely reliable on all types of conditions.



Mercedes Benz Axor 1833 for sale is undeniably a well-built vehicle that comes with all-wheel drivetrain, enabling long-haul and other operational works. It is equipped with 12-liter engine which offers different range of outputs including 354 horsepower, 401horsepower and 428 horsepower. The engine is mated to either 9-speed or 6-speed manual gearbox, offering smooth and powerful downshifts. The engines perform magnificently well as it is able to tow massive loads even if it is fully loaded. The truck drives in a composed manner at most of the situations, thanks to its coordinated stabilizer and spring configurations. These equipments reduce the loads acting on the springs and cargo. It feels completely stable while driving on the rough routes. Moreover, it is best suited for the professional drivers who want magnificent performance along with better affordability.



The price of used Mercedes Benz Axor 1833 for sale ranges from 17000USD to 78000USD, depending upon model, mileage and axle of truck.


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