Review of Mazda Demio - A Fun Ride for Reduced Price Option

  1. DEMIO 2015 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: USD 5,817

  2. DEMIO 2011 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: USD 2,163

  3. DEMIO 2009 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: ASK

  4. DEMIO 2006 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: USD 1,000

  5. DEMIO 2013 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: USD 3,682

  6. DEMIO 2017 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: USD 13,298

  7. DEMIO 2009 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: USD 2,961

  8. DEMIO 2007 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: ASK

  9. DEMIO 2017 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: ASK

  10. DEMIO 2009 Mazda DEMIO

    Price: USD 2,163

Mazda is one of the oldest brands sharing not huge amount of popularity in the world due to its limited launches every year. There was a large span of time when Mazda didn’t really produce much and went in the back of our minds while others were elevating their image by introducing new classifications and brand new technologies. However, when Mazda reappeared in the family car market, it was done with grace. In the last decade, Mazda independently and with co-operative technological assistance of various manufacturers, produced cars that were cherished in every way by the consumers of the world. Most famous models of this car include Mazda Demio 2013, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 & 2002.


mazda demioAmong the various products of Mazda valuably existing in the Japanese used car market, Demio is the product not so old with great specs in models of different years. Mazda Demio which is more popularly known as Mazda2 is one of the manufacturer’s proud presentations which proved to be a valuable addition to the family car market. Mazda Demio has several traits that have been advantageous and the appealing style factor which has been the reason of acceptance for the car. Three trim levels of Mazda Demio were available in Japan, Cozy, Sport, and Casual

Mazda 2 in its recent age is sharing the market with Ford Fiesta. With respect to traits, the car is similar to Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and Nissan Versa. The only difference in the Honda Fit is its exceptional cargo room which can be a preference for some people. Here are some specifics that Mazda Demio from2010 offers. Note that slightly used versions of the car are available in the used car market.


Engine Performance

Mazda Demio is powered by different engine ranging in capacity from 1.3L to 2.0L, the engine range was offered region specific. The transmission performance of the engine is supported by 4-speed auto transaxle, 5-speed manual and CVT. Demio with its wide options in the engine puts out the power of 100hp on roads and 98lb-ft of torque around the circles. The acceleration and speed of the car is a bit behind what is available in the above mentioned competition yet there are differences that make Mazda Demio a better choice in many sections. Mazda’s body roll is a noticeable problem but it doesn’t overlay everything it has. Demio is a light weight car on 15-inch wheels which are good enough to support its grip.



First Generation ( 1.3, 1.5 L )

Second Generation 1.3 L, 1.5 L, 1.25 L , 1.4 L , 1.6 L (Gasoline) 1.4 L (Diesel)

Third Generation  1.3 L, 1.5 L (Gasoline) 1.4 L, 1.6 L (Diesel)

Fourth Generation  1.3 L, 1.5 L (Gasoline), 1.5 L (Diesel)


Ride Convenience

mazda demio

For driving comfort, the used Demio 2010 may present a quick steering that would respond well in every situation. The interior room is not a disaster but the position of the seat is uncomfortable to some while others find it perfect. For small families with children in the backseat, the car is a yes by means of comfort and performance. However, the car is not much of pleasant surprise for adults in the back due to strange seat positions.



Near to the luxury automobile versions of Mazda, the interiors of the car are pretty satisfying, yet the amount of equipment has nothing good to offer. Clearly Mazda 2 lacks various comfort features yet if all you are looking for is, fun drive, it is an offer for you. Mazda Demio price which has been a complaint due to its lack of equipment is covered by the reduced prices that have been offered at Japanese used car market. Despite all these things, Demion is famous in various parts of the world including  Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Sri Lanka and Jamica.


Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption of Mazda Demio is about 50 mpg.

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