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Mazda Demio 2014 For Sale Product Line Is Considered As Easy To Drive & Nice Car

Do You Know, as a Mazda Demio 2014 for sale driver, mazda demio is also pronounced as Mazda2. The first generation of the model had too conservative and unattractive aesthetics. Mazda 2 instead has focused on a more attractive design with an emphasis on sportiness. At the same time it has not lost great reliability. So, a used car buyer needs to explore and test, discussed aspects are inside or part desired version or not.


Reliable Drive

There is also no shortage of beats caused by stabilizers, but this is a defect present on practically all cars. Over time, some silent blocks may need to be replaced, but the costs are not high. Among the small cars, the Mazda 2 is one of the most suitable for long motorway journeys, and not only for its balanced set-up that ensures precision even in the corners faced at high speed.


Among its advantages, in fact, there is also a level of comfort higher than expected, to which the soundproofing of the passenger compartment makes a decisive contribution; the engine is heard less than the rolling noise of the tires which in any case not annoying, and even the aerodynamic hisses are modest. Well held back by the contoured sides of the seats, you can get some satisfaction out of the curves thanks to the precision of the steering and the remarkable road holding.


The engine, however, is anything but gritty, to ensure a little liveliness in recovery, or to overtake, you need to work with the gearbox, fortunately quick and maneuverable. The good news comes once again from consumption. To improve the braking system, which tends to lose tone when it is put under pressure, such as in long downhill sections?


A Nice Car

The result of the EuroNcap crash tests was reassuring, which earned the nice score occupant protection in the pre-restyling version, dating back to 2007 but based on the same structure as the current one. The standard equipment is a good reason to prefer the Trendy to the basic Start version: in addition to the ESP, standard for all versions, it also includes side and curtain airbags, as well as fog lights and cruise control. Electronic traction and stability controls are also standard in the basic version, but starting from Trendy the side and head airbags are also included in the price, as well as other useful devices, such as the electronic cruise control or the fog lights.


Still on the subject of active safety, a positive opinion goes to road holding, but the resistance of the brakes, insufficient in intense use, remains to be improved. EuroNcap crash-tested the pre-restyling version, presented in 2007 but structurally identical to the current one and - in the case of the examined model - equipped with airbags. The car is quite beautiful, in its advanced versions. But you can always improve and customize. A good method is to change the rims. The changes in terms of design were made more than anything else to bring the machine closer to competitors on the market.


Quality & Style

As was the case with the first generation, Mazda 2 DE is based on the platform of the specific Ford Fiesta version. Despite the great competition in the subcompact segment, Mazda 2 managed to achieve great success and generate a good number of sales at Mazda Demio 2014 price. The cockpit has a modern and youthful design.


The quality of the materials is not great, but in the end it is a normal thing for the compact. At least you are quite comfortable in the front seats. The basic versions are very "poor" and almost devoid of equipment. Fortunately on the second-hand market, most models are well-equipped and have everything you need for comfortable everyday use. The multimedia system has an average sound quality.


The suspension of the Mazda 2 DE is simple and reliable, but sooner or later noises begin to appear. For example, they can start hitting the rear shock absorbers. It is a defect that occurs on a few specimens and to solve the shock absorbers must be replaced. More often, shock absorber creaks occur. This last defect is solved simply with lubrication.

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