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Hyundai Starex – Here Is What You Need To Know About

  1. STAREX 2012 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 5,023

  2. STAREX 2017 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 16,660

  3. STAREX 2016 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 30,400

  4. STAREX 2018 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 19,090

  5. STAREX 2018 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 15,320

  6. STAREX 2018 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 19,170

  7. STAREX 2012 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 8,490

  8. STAREX 2015 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 28,640

  9. STAREX 2006 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 2,700

  10. STAREX 2011 Hyundai STAREX

    Price: USD 4,090

Hyundai Motor Company created and produced the Hyundai Starex four-door light commercial van in 1997. In its second incarnation, the vehicle was given a more contemporary makeover from the typical family hauler. Grand Starex was relaunched as an improved version of the brand. A new front bumper and grille and a restyled center stack have been added to the Hyundai Starex for sale in Kenya to keep it looking modern and adventurous in its class.




1. Ample interior room

2. Comfortable and supportive seat

3. Properly functioning diesel engine



1. Inadequate security measures

2. The outdated infotainment system

3. Lacks LED lights.




The Hyundai Starex is one of the most popular MPVs on the market, developed to meet the demands of commuters. The second generation of the Starex was continued with the introduction of this vehicle in 2007. A broad spectrum of clients will find it intriguing because of its exceptional comfort and dynamic performance. If you want a practical and versatile vehicle, but also simple to drive, this is the vehicle for you. Yellow van for sale in Kenya is popular because of its commuter design and spaciousness. It has a roomy interior compartment that makes long-distance driving a breeze. Additional equipment and features in this car enhance the driving experience. The 2.5-liter diesel engine in its class is exceptional when it comes to performance. In addition, it is probably the finest option for customers who have a large extended family.



The Mark Of Affluence And Sophistication

With a length of more than 5 meters, this is ideal for those who want more oversized items. Headlights and taillights were incorporated into the bodywork with an elegant flare. The bottom portion of the front bumper houses a pair of fog lights. Hyundai Starex specs include aesthetic highlights, a tilting door, flush glass, a micro aerial, side garnish, and a Chrome Grille. Versatility, comfort, and elegance come together in the interior design. Practicality and tough carriers are the primary qualities of the new great Starex. Based on the arrangement, there seems to be plenty of room for professional storage equipment, sports gear, or vacation bags. Seating configurations that may be used for several purposes are also part of the creative interior design. Depending on the situation, you may adjust the chairs by tipping, sliding, or reclining.




For those looking for a sturdy, four-door MPV, the Hyundai Starex is an excellent choice. This model has been upgraded in several instances, making it a vehicle everyone can use. Due to the excellent specifications features, the outside design indicates a strong construction quality. A new grille, redesigned front and rear bumpers, a rear spoiler, LED headlights, and stop lights are all included in the new design. It has a total length of 5120mm, a width of 1920mm, and a height of 1930mm in terms of dimensions. It also has a longer wheelbase, which provides a roomier interior and a more impressive look. There is enough space for 12 people inside, with plenty of headroom and legroom for each person. For long-distance travel, the chairs are comfortable and supportive. It has an adjustable steering wheel and an upright seat for an enjoyable ride. To summarize, this MPV offers a level of comfort and driving ability that is appropriate for commuters.




It is possible to buy a used Hyundai Starex in various body designs, including a panel van and a pickup. The SVX and Club trims are also available. There are two versions of Starex, named Jumbo, and the other, RV. Updates to the appearance and interior of the first-generation vehicles were made for both models in this generation. Alloy wheels, taillights, and clear headlamps complete the look. The leather upholstery and high-quality materials inside make this the most appealing element of the vehicle. This interior creates a pleasant driving experience for passengers. To accommodate 12 people, the vehicle has a maximum capacity of eight to nine passengers in its short wheelbase variant. Comfortable seats and enough leg and headroom make long-distance travel a breeze. Plush sedans are usually the only ones with these kinds of high-tech amenities. In addition, there is a lot of fun and usefulness within.




Hyundai has a strong reputation for producing reliable and environmentally friendly automobiles that perform well on the road. The 2.5-liter CRDi In-Line 4-cylinder engine of the second generation Grand Starex can provide 168 horsepower (125 kW) and 2,000 to 2,500 rpm of torque. The Grand Starex is a clear winner in both performance and fuel efficiency.



Family-Friendly Option

The Hyundai Starex is like a home away from home while you are driving it. A roomy, well-appointed cabin with plenty of room for passengers to sit and work is ready to welcome them. Everything from the optimal standing height to the storage compartments is properly designed to meet the everyday driving demands of the passengers. Among the usual features are high-quality audio and air conditioning. Hyundai Starex sale is the most fuel-efficient vehicle because of its high production and low consumption.



Accurate and Robust Safety Mechanisms

Drivers and passengers are protected in the flagship model with the most recent improvements. Passive safety elements include the airbag system, which creates effective safety zones for drivers and passengers. Large and strong disc brakes are offered on the rear wheel to give a high degree of stopping ability when the vehicle is loaded. ESP and ABS greatly enhance the safety characteristics.



1. What are the power options available in Hyundai Grand Starex?

Known as the Hyundai Grand Starex, this second-generation vehicle debuted in 2007 with slightly bigger proportions and more powerful CRDi engine choices. A 2.5-liter CRDi In-line 4-cylinder engine is available for this car. It is powered by a diesel engine, which is new for the 2012 model year of the Hyundai Grand Starex. The six-speed manual transmission also increases fuel efficiency by 0.5 liters per 100 kilometers.


2. What is the price of Hyundai Starex?

It is possible to find a used Hyundai Grand Starex for between $4000 and $10,000. Hyundai Starex price thus varies according to factors like make and model, mileage, and other factors.

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