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Hyundai Porter Special

  1. PORTER 2016 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 7,690

  2. PORTER 2017 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 11,780

  3. PORTER 2012 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 8,780

  4. PORTER 2016 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 8,870

  5. PORTER 2016 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 11,780

  6. PORTER 2017 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 12,460

  7. PORTER 2017 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 12,190

  8. PORTER 2020 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 18,410

  9. PORTER 2018 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 11,410

  10. PORTER 2016 Hyundai PORTER

    Price: USD 11,950

Hyundai has been producing high-quality and reliable vehicles for a long time now. They have a range of models that have marked their competitive position and presence. Hyundai vehicles can easily compete with other Japanese automobiles that are available in the market.

The first Hyundai Porter was launched in the mid-70s. The market has two versions, a truck and a minibus. The production of the second generation began in 1986. At the same time, the extended version was introduced in 1993.

People belonging to different segments, especially businessmen, are looking for small and roomy vehicles. If you are also considering these features when acquiring a car, you can look at Hyundai Porter Special.

The Hyundai Porter Special is fast, agile, and economical. Checking out the specifications of the model, you can identify the comfort and equipment it is offering. When the new generation was launched in 1996, car enthusiasts found it different from the previous ones. The model was well-designed by considering the changing needs of customers. 

Hyundai Porter Special Specifications

Hyundai Porter Special is a premier vehicle. All the new Hyundai cars introduced in the market consist of various appealing features.

It is an eco-friendly electric truck optimized for urban transportation. The manufacturer of Hyundai Porter Special claims that it is one of the bestselling models.

In 2018, the Hyundai Porter Special was a reliable and versatile model. With time Hyundai Motors has brought various changes and developments in their models. To stay competitive, the auto manufacturer produces a range of durable vehicles.

Many of the interior details of the Hyundai Porter Special were adopted from Korean automobiles. For instance, the steering gear of the car is similar to that of the Hyundai Sonata 1991. Additionally, the dashboard is identical to the Hyundai Grace model. However, some innovative ideas have contributed to the success of Hyundai Porter Special.

Recently, the demand for used Hyundai Porter Special has also increased. Trucks are usually bought by corporates and people who require large vehicles for luggage. The Honda Porter Special truck is available with two or four doors. On the other hand, the van consists of two or three doors. The buyers can choose one according to their needs.

The Hyundai Porter Special is one of the eco-friendly trucks that meet environmental standards. It is optimal for urban transportation. Even the used Hyundai Porter Special are valuable as these do not emit air pollutants.

The vehicle consists of EV charging infrastructure, which has become common among automobiles these days.  The Hyundai Porter Special is a member of the fourth to present generation of Hyundai Motors. It is a fuel economical car with an average of 10.5 km/l. In addition, the model s trunk is approximately 745mm high, making it easier to carry the maximum load. At a time, the Hyundai Porter Special can carry up to 1.3 tons. Overall, the truck is designed for easy loading and unloading, making it a viable choice for transport companies.

Moreover, the Hyundai Porter Special consists of ventilated disc brakes. It has an independent spring suspension. Additionally, a spring suspension complements it. Along with comfort and safety, the model is impressive in terms of quality and efficiency.

Hyundai Motors has focused on providing the buyers with relevant options. As a result, it has two convenient alternatives, which includes:

  • Automatic – it has five steps.
  • Manual – six-speed gearbox.

The vehicle s layout is energetic and sporty. It has a set of 15-inch wheels. Additionally, the interior features also surprise the buyers. The commercial vehicle has a spacious front cabin. It also offers some extra seat and shoulder space. Further, it includes organized storage compartments that provide space for cups. 

Hyundai Porter Special Review

The Hyundai Porter Special has achieved more appreciation for its functionality along with other features. It offers appealing solutions for people who require a good carrier. Moreover, you can use it to move around the city and surroundings conveniently.

The Hyundai Porter Special review further reflects that the vehicle is equipped with various safety systems. For the past few years, Hyundai Porter vehicles are making it easier to transport goods safely and comfortably. Altogether, the car is a complete package for the users.

The positive Hyundai Porter Special review indicates the effectiveness of dimensions of all the available variants. The model consists of advanced taillights and a solid bumper. Amazingly, its ground clearance is also perfect, and you can easily drive it on rough roads. So even if you buy a used Hyundai Porter Special, you can take advantage of it.

Overall, the Hyundai Porter Special is:

  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Practical
  • Reliable

The Hyundai Porter Special provides smooth performance. As a result, the users can maintain a low fuel consumption. In addition, the 5-speed manual transmission enhances the standard version.

To sum up the Hyundai Porter Special review, it is found that the model is ideal for commercial purposes. If you are the owner of any business, you can choose this. You can easily contact the authentic dealers and look for the used Hyundai Porter Special, which is easily available in good conditions.


  1. What are the dimensions of the Hyundai Porter Special?

Along with the features and configuration, the dimensions of the Hyundai Porter Special are also highly impressive. The dimensions are:

  • Length – 4.76m
  • Width – 1.74 m
  • Height – 1.96 m
  • Curb weight – 1.91 t
  • Total Mass – 3.01 tons

Even if you buy a used Hyundai Porter Special, it provides the capacity of carrying approximately 1 ton of weight.

  1. Is it safe to buy a used Hyundai Porter Special?

Buying for reliable and authentic buyers ensures the quality and effectiveness of vehicles. Hence, if you want to buy a used Hyundai Porter Special, it is a very safe car. Some of the safety features of the model are:

  • Tandem Brake Booster.
  • Hydraulic Power-Assisted Steering.
  • Load Sensing Proportioning Valve.
  • Ventilated disc brakes.

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