Honda Stream - The Simplicity Stream Lined

  1. STREAM 2008 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,730

  2. STREAM 2011 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,680

  3. STREAM 2010 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,070

  4. STREAM 2007 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,500

  5. STREAM 2007 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 4,110

  6. STREAM 2008 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,700

  7. STREAM 2011 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,450

  8. STREAM 2007 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,800

  9. STREAM 2008 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,240

  10. STREAM 2011 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 4,720

Honda Stream car first appeared in the year 2000 as a 5 door minivan. It is based on the Honda Civic platform; hence it is a mixture of MPV and station wagon. The vehicle is stylish and spacious with models that best suit individual needs. Different models of Honda Stream including rsz, rn2, rn3, rn4, rn5 and rn6 lead to enhancing customer experience. The Honda Stream for sale has following features that make it stand out



honda streamThe used Honda Stream alongside the new ones, have a lot of improvements happen. The exterior is designed having strong curves with shiny spotless body.  The body designed in a way to give durability enhancement. The HID lights along with front and rear general lights works on providing better view of road. Whether it is about the fogy atmosphere in the surrounding or the dark night view, the road appears crystal clear. The indicator light on the side mirrors further tells the passenger of the car along side road people about the car functionality. The logo at the front with the H symbol of Honda, gives greater visibility to average surrounding that this is from Honda family.



The interior is made comfortable with Power Windows for smooth transition, central panel for keeping mugs and important things between the two front seats, the folding third and second row to make ease. The Power Steering is the more sensitive form of steering wheel where a small force leads to greater wheel movement. The steering wheels have button for multiple functions within hand range. The TV and Navigation screen gives full fledge entertainment, the TV for tuning to favorite program, and the Navigation to find out where the nearest gas pump, hotel and restaurant is. The multi information display tells about fuel consumption, speed/ hr and other technicality, assisting in driving of used Honda stream for sale.



The colors that are available in the MPV are Premium Mystic night pearl, Passion Red Pearl, Cobalt Blue Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Premium White Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic and Polish Metal Metallic. The white is the most sold least price vehicle, while the black is the most expensive color.



The superior performance of Honda stream for sale exceeds expectation of drivers. The greater horse power the better fuel economy and powerful acceleration is the end result that is achieved with perfection. The vehicle had come in displacement of 1700 CC, 1800 CC and 2000 CC with engine transmissions till 5 speed automatic and manual one. The automatic transmission gives touch of automation with less tiring experience on the go, while the manual transmission gives the power to shift gear in hand of driver. The indirect contributors of performance include steering mounted paddle shifter with engine i-VTEC to refine the performance to a better level.


The used Honda stream for sale is available with the same level of simplicity as that of a brand new 2013 model. This had lead to a customer base that is strong enough to recommend the vehicle to others. That is the reason, the anonymous survey tells us that Honda stream car is still acquiring market share across globe.


Recommended Models

Many buyers love to import this vehicle. Every month a large number of used Honda Stream has been imported in various markets from Japan. The most recommended models include 2010, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2003 & 2002.


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