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Comparison of Honda Stream vs Mazda 5

  1. STREAM 2008 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,884

  2. STREAM 2009 Mazda STREAM

    Price: ASK

  3. STREAM 2009 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 4,125

  4. STREAM 2009 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,115

  5. STREAM 2013 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 8,432

  6. STREAM 2008 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 1,317

  7. STREAM 2007 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,442

  8. STREAM 2009 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,673

  9. STREAM 2009 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,490

  10. STREAM 2009 Mazda STREAM

    Price: USD 8,076

Distinctive features of any car need to know to make the right choice when buying a car, but even more important to understand the degree of reliability of the car.
The Honda Stream is based on Honda Civic, Premacy - Mazda 323, Space Star - Mitsubishi Carisma, and Zafira - Opel Astra. Most models for increased interior space built on the basis of an extended "donors" and constructors Space Star unlike competitors have created a more compact model based on a shortened Carisma. This Car is convenient to operate in the city, and in fact, is focused on urban motorists.

The Most Spacious

The Honda Stream is capable of accommodating seven people. In the car, besides the usual front and rear seats, the luggage compartment has one more row. As Stream is a one-piece sofa for two, and separate chairs. Stream is also a 6-seater (the more expensive version) - second row consists of two individual seats separated by the middle of the box with armrest.

Planting more comfortable in the third row Mazda 5 - seats are set slightly higher than that of the Stream, but for comfort Honda ahead of the competition - the stock of legroom for passengers of the gallery, as, indeed, and the second row of seats, it has more, and cozy atmosphere passengers here create a separate ventilation system vents and heating the cabin.

Thanks to the sliding design of the rear seats to them quite normally can get even tall passengers. However, at the same time significantly reduced "marching" amount of luggage. Mazda 5 - the only model comes with removable rear seats. And if they are removed from the passenger compartment, the maximum amount of luggage it had received the greatest - 2745 liters! Moreover, for the transport of long-length all Mazda 5 is equipped with front passenger seat with drop forward while moving back. Another feature Mazda 5: thanks to the "sly" design fastening rear sofa it can be 4-seater - an average seat was removed, and the remaining two are rearranged closer to the center. Removable seats are light - weighing about 12 kg.


The Honda Stream has the most reliable units. In Mazda 5 problems can arise only if the car is rarely exploited - in this case the PCR noted the appearance of rust on the rods of the drive switch, which is why they are wedged.


The Stream has most reliable on our roads proved "chassis». For example, in the front suspension front silent block lever nursed about 120 thousand. Km, but the other "consumables" front and rear suspensions are able to hold up to 200 thousand. Km. Often have to change a sleeve stabilizer: front - 60 thousand Km and back - after 80 thousand. Km. But racks hold even longer.

"Suspension" of Mazda 5 is about 100 thousand Km and stabilizer - 50-60 thousand Km. The weak point of the rear suspension Space Star - short-lived shocks.

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