Honda Stream- The MPV with SUV Advantages

  1. STREAM 2006 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,480

  2. STREAM 2006 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,201

  3. STREAM 2007 Honda STREAM

    Price: ASK

  4. STREAM 2014 Honda STREAM

    Price: ASK

  5. STREAM 2010 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,317

  6. STREAM 2009 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 2,682

  7. STREAM 2010 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 4,605

  8. STREAM 2009 Honda STREAM

    Price: ASK

  9. STREAM 2009 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 3,221

  10. STREAM 2009 Honda STREAM

    Price: USD 7,567

Honda Stream is a design mix of MPV and SUV, being launched in the year 2000. It had the handling characteristics of small hatchback. It had its second generation introduced in 2006 that continues till today. It is directly related to Honda Civic and has been available in Left Hand Drive (LHD) market of Europe. Although by nature it was a Right Hand Drive with humongous success as a brand new car. The used car market was able to take this vehicle to the untapped markets, giving it more fame.

The specs of Honda Stream make it a desirable option and bring in following advantages:

Honda Stream - Comfort Inside

The Honda Stream review shows that the inside is made calm and comfortable with facilitation to drive and driving experience at almost every moment. The drive becomes easy with features like Power Steering that brings in maneuvering ease. The Power Window makes transition of window easy with less force requirement so you can focus on driving for good. The navigation and TV are programmed on a screen that works like the two simultaneously. The front panel has indicator of mileage, fuel tank and engine temperature so you know what the latest standing of the car is.

Refined Look

The look is refined with multiple color availability including the most sold White Honda Stream, the average priced Silver and expensive Black stock. The Alloy Wheels of different designs can be installed to boost image, followed by Roof Rail for additional luggage carriage. The unibody chassis makes the body structure strong enough to make performance enhanced and damage to car in case of collision reduced.

Accident Safe

In order to keep Honda Stream safe from accident, the spec that play pivotal role is Anti-lock Braking System. It prevents brake lock probability reduction, lowering the chances of accident. The Air Bags from front and sides comes out in case of severe collision. The greater the frequency of crash is the more part of Air Bags will come out.

Hence Honda Stream is best combined in a way that cost effective option is available in market.

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