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Honda HR-V vs. Honda CR-V

  1. MR WAGON 2006 Honda MR WAGON

    Price: USD 828


    Price: USD 800

  3. MOVE 2007 Honda MOVE

    Price: USD 752

  4. LIFE 2004 Honda LIFE

    Price: USD 800

  5. MIRA 2007 Honda MIRA

    Price: USD 752

  6. ESSE 2010 Honda ESSE

    Price: USD 752

  7. DEMIO 2007 Honda DEMIO

    Price: USD 609

  8. MIRA 2005 Honda MIRA

    Price: USD 800

  9. EK WAGON 2002 Honda EK WAGON

    Price: USD 752

  10. MOVE 2005 Honda MOVE

    Price: USD 838

When it comes to deciding which car is better, most consumers are not aware of it. If a brand is launching different models with the same price and size, then it is best that you read about both of them to make a sound decision about your car.

This article will describe the differences between Honda CRV and HRV that is all you need to know before spending your money on these cars. Here are some of the differences between CRV and HRV.

Body Style and Design of the Cars

When it comes to Honda CR-V, the design of the car has always been extremely sporty and youthful. The company redesigned the bumper, which made it look better and more sleek than usual. The simplicity of the design is oozing from every corner, but the fact that it still looks outstanding is something only Honda can do. The car is a treat for the eye in the glossy shiny red color.

Both HR-V and CR-V look very similar, but that does not mean that they are. Honda HR-V is smaller in size as compared to the CR-V. The car comes with vertically mounted rear door handles, which is one feature that can instantly tell you that it is the HR-V. The design is a lot mature than the CR-V, so it is perfect for old people.

Space in the Cars

CR-V is a midsize crossover and has a lot of space for cargo and passengers. The CR-V comes with seating for 5-people, so you and your family can go on great trips. That is not it, the car comes with a 39.2 cu-ft. of cargo space, so you can fit a lot of your belongings in the car. It is the best car that you can buy for your family.

On the other hand, the HR-V comes with 24.3 cu-ft. of cargo space as it is a compact size of the same model. If you wish to know, then the car comes with Magic Seats, which is missing from the CR-V. You can flip up the rear seat cushions to hold tall items. The car comes with a 100.1 cu ft. of passenger volume, so you are in safe hands. This car will not disappoint you with its amazing space inside and the interior that is worth your money.

Driving Experience of Both Cars

If you are in search of a rather athletic car, then CR-V is the one for you. The car handling is amazing, so you can enjoy driving the car on the road. The new suspensions in the car make it a smooth ride, so you have the time of your life in the car. However, it does have pretty heavy steering, so that might be a turn-off for you if you do not like it.

Alternatively, HR-V is another amazing vehicle that offers a smooth ride and a great driving experience to the drivers. You will stay comfortable in the car no matter what, so you won t be disappointed by investing in the car. It s an easy-to-drive car with great features in it.

Fuel Economy of Cars

Apart from CR-V vs. HR-V size, the engines of the car are also different. The gas-only version of the car comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder only. The engine offers 179 lb-ft of torque and 190 hp. The car has the speed that you will love, so don t miss out on buying this car for your future. The car owners faced some issues with the car s engine, but the company has rectified the problem. The company also gave an extended warranty to the people to maintain trust.

The HR-V, on the other hand, comes with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder rated at 127 lb-ft of torque and 141 hp. For a compact drive like this car, it offers amazing speed and the engine offers great service for a long time. If you are looking for something reliable, then this car is the one for you.

Technology Used in Cars

Both cars are equipped with technology. For instance, the CR-V comes with a Honda Sensing safety suite along with forward collision warning, collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist. It further comes with blind support detection, high-beam headlamps, and a multi-angle reversing camera. You can enjoy your time in it with the 7.0-inch display audio screen to enjoy your favorite songs.

The HR-V comes with Honda Sensing, collision mitigation braking, forward-collision warning, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keep assist. The 5.0-inch display screen is an amazing way to enjoy your ride with your favorite songs. The car comes with LaneWatch, which is an amazing upgrade to the car.


  1. Is Honda CR-V bigger or Honda HR-V?

The measurements of Honda HR-V are 63.2-inches tall and 69.8-inches wide. On the other hand, the measures of the Honda CR-V are 66.1-inches tall and 66.1-inches wide. From the measurements, it is clear that the Honda CR-V is bigger than Honda HR-V.

  1. Which car is better between Honda HR-V vs. CR-V?

Honda CR-V is a better car because it comes with more car space and offers extra features than the HR-V. It is a comfortable car, which is easy to drive on the road.

  1. Is Honda HR-V a good investment?

Yes, it is a subcompact SUV, which is definitely a good car to purchase. It offers great fuel economy and has enough space to fit a large family. The climate control options and infotainment system in the car are worth the praise.

  1. What does HR-V stand for?

The HR-V stands for Hi-Rider Revolutionary Vehicle.

  1. Who are the competitors of Honda HR-V?

The competitors of Honda HR-V are:

  • Jeep Renegade
  • Fiat 500X
  • Chevrolet Trax
  • Hyundai Kona
  • Kia Soul


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