Honda Airwave - The Years of Work

  1. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 620

  2. AIRWAVE 2008 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 772

  3. AIRWAVE 2008 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 2,466

  4. AIRWAVE 2008 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 658

  5. AIRWAVE 2005 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 1,904

  6. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 572

  7. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 648

  8. AIRWAVE 2008 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 610

  9. AIRWAVE 2005 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 524

  10. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: US$ 572

The Honda Motor Company is Japanese multinational having experience in both automobiles and motorcycles. It stands at the unique position of the largest motorcycle manufacturing facility since 1959. It has the largest manufacturing record of internal combustion engine by volume, while in car manufacturing it stands at second largest Japan based company. Honda Airwave being a sub-compact vehicle from this huge company has something unique to offer. Its production started from 2005 to 2010, though even today it is greatly demanded as a used vehicle. In Japanese used car market, Honda Airwave 2016, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 & 2005 are the most demanded models.  The vehicle comes with state of art features and economical price. 


When we have Honda Airwave review, we realize that the vehicle has following basic advantage that gives it a loyal and motivated customer base.


Stylish Body

HONDA AIRWAVEThe van is commonly known for multiple parts, Honda Airwave brings with it luxury seating with spaciousness inside. The outside body is a station wagon having five doors and is derived from City, Fit Aria, Fit and Jazz. It is basically built on a small car platform giving it an edge on many. The shiny body comes in multiple colors of Red, Blue and Green to add excitement to this vehicle. The generalized colors having effect on production are also there. The White being the cheapest of all color is produced in huge quantity due to greater demand, the Silver is medium priced so the demand is low, leading to production in less quantity; while the Black Honda Airwave price is high leading to least demand by market segment.


The station wagon is a 4 door option, with unibody chassis. The collision does not destroy vehicle as the car is divided into front and back part separated well. Therefore if back gets damaged the front part remain fully intact and functional.


Mesmerizing Specificationshonda airwave

The Honda Airwave specs make it a mesmerizing experience. The exterior has Alloy Wheels for durable on road experience, the Roof Rail for additional luggage carriage and stylish lights for illuminating vehicle to the premium level. The Alloy Wheels not only add design to the tire rims, rather stronger tires are fixed for durability and class simultaneously. The Fog lights along with front and rear bumper lights have refined over the generation, giving the road safety level a new height.



The interior has dark and light color scheme providing choice to customer at the time of purchase. Hence interior that soothes one can be identified and bought. The Honda Airwave specs inside are the power options in Power Window for smooth up and down movement with low force exertion with Power Steering for smooth right and left movement, leading to efficient maneuvering in minimal force requirement. The entertainment is at the best with TV and Navigation on single screen. So information is provided with proper mapping for vicinity important locations and other details. One can even tune in the favorite program with greater ease with TV function. The safety specs included Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control for lock brake prevention and traction optimal distribution. The Air bags further facilitate the process.


The hard work of the company paid off in the form of new and used stock demand in the global market.


Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of airwave is about 25 mpg. 

Customer Reviews

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