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Honda Airwave For Sale In Malawi

  1. AIRWAVE 2008 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: ASK

  2. AIRWAVE 2005 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: ASK

  3. AIRWAVE 2005 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: ASK

  4. AIRWAVE 2006 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: ASK

  5. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 3,683

  6. AIRWAVE 2008 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: ASK

  7. AIRWAVE 2006 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: ASK

  8. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 2,584

  9. AIRWAVE 2009 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 2,148

  10. AIRWAVE 2005 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: ASK

It Is Better To Replace Honda Airwave For Sale In Malawi Consumables

After the purchase of the Honda Airwave For Sale In Malawi; it is better to replace its consumables such as 4 spark plugs, ICE and automatic transmission oil, oil filter, air, and cabin filter. There are plans to independently replace the fuel filter in the tank. A used car buyer can easily compare with the Nissan Expert and Nissan Liberty; but, to be precise, it is considered a dynamic car, can easily accelerate according to the drivers needs and desire. Due to its good insulation on the streets, it is practically inaudible, when you sit or drive in the cabin. This is why, on the highway, it does not cause discomfort, and its engine is not heard loudly.


Beautiful & Spacious

When driving in a stream of cars in busy lanes, noises do not annoy the ear, as well. The interior color is dark, which is a very big plus. It is equipped with Comfortable seating for driver and passengers. In short, it can be stated that it is beautiful, comfortable, and quite spacious inside car. Spare parts are common and inexpensive. Due to the small base and short overhangs, a Used Honda Airwave can easily ride over curbs. Honda Airwave for Sale in Malawi   is well-known because of its bright, modern, and stylish exterior design.


Expected Specs At Honda Airwave Price In Malawi

Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive
Front Brake: Ventilated Discs
Trunk / Boot Capacity: - L
Drive Wheels - Traction - Drivetrain: Fwd  
Fuel Type: Petrol
Lubrication: Wet Sump
Fuel System: Honda PGM-Fuel Injection fuel injection
Gearbox: CVT
Rear Brake: Drums
Steering: Rack And Pinion
Aspiration: N/A
Transmission Gearbox: Speed Auto Cvt 
Body: Estate
Engine Alignment: Transverse
Coolant: Water


About Used Cars

According to the online source, the following is the specific breakdown of different duties and taxes for different vehicles. "For Used Trucks less than 3 Ton: there is 10% import duty, 5% excise duty, and 16.5% VAT. On Used Trucks over 3 Ton, there is 10% import duty, 5% excise duty while, for Used Trucks Over 10 Ton, there is 5% excise duty, only. For the vehicles that serve up to 2000cc seating capacity is for less than 10 people; the Import Duty is 25%, VAT is 16.5% and Excise is 15%.For 2000-2500cc seating capacity based vehicles that accommodate less than 10 people; the Import Duty is 25%, VAT- 16.5%, and Excise charges at a 30% rate.


While for 2500-3000cc seating capacity auto that serve less than 10 people, Import Duty is charged 25%, VAT 16.5%, and Excise to pay at 40% rate; And for those vehicles that serve over 3000c seating capacity but cater less than 10 people, so the Import Duty is 25%, VAT 16.5%, and Excise is 50%. Please note, it is better to ask for any updates because the above rates are volatile and can be revised by respective officials.


Dynamic Appearance

The dynamic appearance is complemented by a comfortable, ergonomic, and spacious interior and spacious luggage compartment. Many people mention the high quality of finishing materials and good workmanship. This car may suit the taste of family car owners who value the combination of convenience, practicality, and good technical characteristics. The advantages of the station wagon include good driving characteristics.


The car boasts directional stability, informative control, dynamic acceleration, and engine torque. A high-quality braking system works accurately and quickly. The soft and energy-intensive suspension accurately responds to the unevenness of the road surface and provides a smooth ride. As in the reviews of the Honda, you can often find references to good corrosion protection of the body. Among the weak points, it is worth noting the high fuel consumption and exactingness to its quality. However, in general, the car is highly reliable, it shows itself well in operation both in the city and on the highway, and with regular repair and care, it can become your Used Honda Airwave for years.

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