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Honda Acty Van - Secure And Stylish Car


In the third generation minivan cab Honda Acty acquired a small overhang, designed to reduce the likelihood of serious injury in a collision. The front wheels have been advanced as far forward and the mid-engined layout ensure the security and stability of the car, not to mention a more spacious cabin. Seat layout can be changed to suit your needs: one of these combinations can carry, for example, collapsed carpet area of 10 square meters.

Honda Acty Van- Equipments

honda acty vanVan equipped with 3-cylinder SOHC engine with 12 valves, issuing up to 46 hp power wheel drive Realtime 4WD (rear wheel drive car, and the drive is connected to the front wheels only under certain conditions) and De Dion suspension type, provides a comfortable and safe ride. The basic equipment on all models includes a line driver airbag, and among the options - lock braking system ABS and Brake Assist Brake Assist. In june 1999 it added version with all-wheel drive and 4-speed automatic transmission.

All models now put the bumper painted in the body color, while the price of this change has not affected. In feb the air conditioning has become the basic equipment on all models. The top versions are now available full-length tinted windows and wheel caps and front power windows and rear heater. In September 2001 company recognized ultra-low exhaust emissions in minivan Honda Acty.



Machines have become standard equipped with front airbags, and to equip the cabin there are some nice little things, such as straps on the tailgate for the convenience of its closing. In april 2003 on the left door mirror installed additional mirror look down, will reduce the "dead zone." The front lights are now equipped with a leveling mechanism. December 2005 has came with a modification «SDX» as options become available remote access system. (Feb 2007) The list of standard equipment model added to the system of remote access, and AM / FM-tuner. Also, now all the cars are equipped with a mechanism sliding seats and the tilt backs.


Small and Versatile

The Honda Acty is a versatile van. When Honda introduced the Acty in 1977 on the market, had the goal of a flatbed, a van and being able to offer a minibus with the same platform at the same time, so it is no wonder that there the Acty in the following years in all Three variations were. The design is functional rather than emotional, but the car got down from generation to generation a facelift, where they tried to maintain the platform. The engine range has been provided for the third generation with more displacement.

Motorization And Competition

As the Honda Acty was intended more for Asia, so for markets with heavy traffic and slow progress and also for the more rural areas, it was decided at Honda to treat the Acty in the first and second generation just 28 hp. It increased the capacity later in 1988 to 34 hp. The same engine was increased over time to 38, then to 44 and finally to 46 hp. However, this was clear from the outset that the Acty should never carry heavy loads. Its main competitor is primarily the Mitsubishi L300 and L400, which are ten to Acty as used cars.

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