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Honda Accord Wagon

  1. ACCORD 2005 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 10,030

  2. ACCORD 2017 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 14,538

  3. ACCORD 2004 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 8,020

  4. ACCORD 2007 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 9,710

  5. ACCORD 2006 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 5,410

  6. ACCORD 2006 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 15,810

  7. ACCORD 2014 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 8,900

  8. ACCORD 2000 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 11,310

  9. ACCORD 2010 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 4,500

  10. ACCORD 2014 Honda ACCORD

    Price: USD 12,450

Life is not fair, and there are always people who are beaten by value. They are good, but do not sell well enough. Or who set up wonderfully, but are simply not perceived from the boss of the beloved, the captain of the football team. Each of us knows such people, and no one knows how they could help. This large field of the human psyche can be found like many other things in our lives and of course the cars also. For example, some models are not nearly as successful as they would be according to their qualities.


honda accord wagonHonda Accord wagon belongs these cars, no matter whether you look at the sedan or station wagon tested here in more detail. He is nicknamed Tourer, which will detach him from the group of simple practical workhorse. The sporty design, the aggressive look and the sloping roofline reveal potential buyers know that disdainful transport tasks not constitute the essence of this car.


There are few cars that can be moved as perfect as the Standard Station Honda Accord Wagon. And there are relatively few people who own one.



Honda Accord Wagon is a four-door five-seater wagon. Seventh generation Accord debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2002. Accord is one of the few vehicles to date, which can be found not only at the logo on the back. Its dynamic, elegant profile stands out on the road, emphasizing the good taste and high status of its owner.


Honda Accord Wagon – Reliable and Comfortable

Since its launch Accord wagon immediately became one of the leaders in its class. For many years, it strikes an excellent balance between quality, reliability, comfort and dynamics. However, Honda never rests on its laurels, setting new goals for itself and for the automotive market a new standard of excellence. Through the process of constant development, Honda Accord wagon gradually became more refined, sporty and dynamic. The latest generation of Honda Accord is solid and looks more aggressive than ever before, reflecting the power and strength of the new Accord wagon. You snuggle relaxed in the comfortable cushions and enjoys brisk curves in the good side support of the seats - even for the shoulders there is so much support, that felt rather tilts the car than the driver out of the chair.


Sporty And Elegant

Harmonious proportions corps significant slope of the windshield, and vertical cut rear of the vehicle emphasize its sporty character. Small details such as mounted in the side mirrors blinkers or chrome door handles is the extra touches that emphasize the elegant style.




The interior is quite as solid as of its competitors. The Accord wagon has extremely comfortable seats and classy interior overall. The four-cylinder rotates smooth and quiet high, presses on the highway without end. With this engine, the whole car is good to travel, even if one could imagine the suspension tuning a little less tight. Incidentally, the seats are more responsible for the comfort of the Accord. They are available in fabric, leather and part entirely of leather and in the fully equipped and not only looks very decent, but you sit extremely well in it.

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