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Hino Ranger Zambia

  1. RANGER 2015 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 39,097

  2. RANGER 2007 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 20,728

  3. RANGER 2015 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 38,126

  4. RANGER 2011 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 49,145

  5. RANGER 2012 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 59,165

  6. RANGER 1991 Hino RANGER

    Price: ASK

  7. RANGER 2016 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 64,718

  8. RANGER 2012 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 15,388

  9. RANGER 2008 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 16,495

  10. RANGER 2006 Hino RANGER

    Price: USD 15,388

Japanese trucks have a long history on national and international roads. Hino Ranger Zambia Trucks are a well-known brand and symbol of top quality. Trucks are usually used for heavy transportations and widely used in the corporate world. Since the Japanese are very conservative people, they try to make the most of all available resources.


  • They are functional, convenient to use, and relatively inexpensive, and they also have their characteristics.  Hino was launched back in 2008 but for a long time, it was not in a stable state because of a crisis of that era.

  • Used Hino Ranger in Zambia is considered comfortable, in demand, safe and light, environmentally-friendly trucks. From this series, various modifications are presented on the market, each different in technical characteristics. Therefore, the buyer can choose as per his need and budget via used car exporter centers.

  • Japanese Hino truck comes equipped with its own spare parts, including the engine. Please note, various versions of the Hino are developed as per Euro-3 or 4 standards. Japanese trucks are created from high-quality materials. They are powerful, comfortable and they move well on good and bad roads. If we talk about the price category, some models are expensive, but the quality can fully justify any price.

  • Outside of Japan, used Hino Ranger in Zambia is also known as the "500 Series" and as part of the "F Series", "G Series" and "S Series". Besides, if you want to know about its heavier and lighter ones; so these can be distinguished by "Day Cab Ranger" or "Ranger 2". In some countries, the Ranger was only available as a medium or heavy truck with low weight ratings, such as the FA and FB, which were replaced by the Hino Dutro.  

  • The Ranger was available with a combination of various cabs, standard or wide, standard or high roof, short cab or full cab. The FD is also available in the Double Cab version. A high-quality package with a chrome bumper, discharge headlights, wood panel, and other interior upgrades is offered in the Hino Ranger.  

Hino Ranger Review

The first Hino Ranger appeared as "Ranger KM300", and that was Japan s competitive medium truck category. There was also a short-wheelbase model called KM320. The long-wheelbase KM340 appeared later on, and the cockpit became a three-seater (instead of two). The first model had a body-colored grille and separate headlight edges; this was changed with a facelift when the headlights were integrated into the grille.

The design was changed again in the late seventies, now with dual headlights in a grille painted in a contrasting color. More importantly, the cabin has been lengthened with increased comfort. The KM Ranger was not a very strong seller, being limited in cargo capacity while the licensing system favored 4-ton trucks.  Some innovative changes were also introduced later on.

The used Hino Ranger in Zambia series now has a new look with a revamped inverted trapezoidal-shaped front grille with dark gray color, headlight, semi-floating suspension, and revised chassis. Besides, due to the process of update, the Ranger series is now equipped with ten pins on its wheels rather than eight wheel pins, previously. 

Its 10-column design is not new to Hino because some Hino Ranger heavy series, usually the concrete mixer version, had already used this design several years before. A used car buyer needs to aware, as a standard feature, the 10-stud design is a part of these trucks. In April 2017, this revamped version was revealed alongside the revamped Profile. Besides, there should be a larger high roof, spoked steering wheel, and trapezoidal grille.

Instrument cluster with hands-free function and Bluetooth connectivity with Onboard diagnostic failure device (J-OBDII) and premium interior. The Ranger mid-cycle update also introduces the all-new engine that replaces both the J05E and J08E engines.

The innovative generation of Hino Ranger in Zambia was marketed in Japan as Ranger Pro for export. Ranger is branded in different countries with different names such as in Australia, it is branded as Ranger Pro, etc. With various types of transmission choices, the Super Ranger and Jumbo Ranger names were used on the locally produced third-generation model it replaced. It was also called Validus. The Ranger series was marketed as Hino Mega, too. Lightweight fourth-generation FA and FB models sold in some markets have been discontinued this generation and replaced by the 300 series or light series versions.

Prerequisites to Buy used Hino Ranger in Zambia

As stated already, "If you are planning to import used Hino Ranger in Zambia, so there is no any relaxation in importing process because one has to follow the all necessary rules without any exception. You need to adhere to the docs such as Invoice/proof of purchase for the vehicle, Non-Sale Certificate, acquisition, purchase, shipment or importation of the used vehicle-related docs, Driver License, Freight statement, Letter of Transfer, Certificate of Title, and Registration (Original Copy), Bill of Lading (Original Copy), International Insurance Policy and Valuation Certificate, etc.

The doc scrutiny procedures there are other obligatory processed, too; that is done by Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre. In the specific test of Road Worthiness Inspection, different aspects are analyzed such as tire conditions, chassis, distance coverage, lights, indicators, brakes, engine health, speed, and rust level inside or outside the vehicle."


Does Hino Trucks comply with quality standards?

Please note, various versions of the Hino are developed as per Euro-3 or 4 standards.

Is there Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, there is a hands-free function and Bluetooth.

Does Hino provide any variants in Ranger?

Yes, The Hino Ranger Zambia is available with a combination of various versions and styles.

Is there any premium feature?

On-board diagnostic failure device (J-OBDII) and the premium interior are part of this truck.

Is Hino Brand Reliable?                                                       

Hino Trucks are a well-known brand and symbol of top quality.


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