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Hino Profia Review - Price, Specs And Fuel Consumption In MPG|Japanese used cars

Hino Profia Review - Price, Specs And Fuel Consumption In MPG

Hino Profia - Truck For A Comfortable Ride

The Hino Profia basically is Japanese heavy duty cab over truck produced and marketed by Japanese automobile maker Hino Motors. It was named as profia for Japanese market officially and it was formerly recognized as the Super Dolphin Profia. Then the truck was renamed in 2003 as Profia in Japan as the left hand drive.


Hino Profia Overview

hino profiaHino Profia is also known as Hino 700 in the Japanese domestic market and was offered since 2003 and still in production. Hino Profia takes first place in local market of Japan for highest sale in last 42 years according to the annual report of Hino Motors, Ltd as in Markch 2014. In most of the export market Hino Profia is famous as Hino 700. The name Profia is used in Japan and it was formerly recognized as super Dolphin Profia.


Interior - Truck Cabin

The design of the cabin of Hino Profia is much similar to the 4th generation of Hino Ranger; however the Profia is much bigger in size and interior. The truck is based on the Grand Aerotech technology that provides an amazing aerodynamic performance. The cabin of the truck also equipped with Emergency Guard Impact Safety (EGIS) to protect the driver and front seat passenger. The truck Profia is also accessible in Taiwan made by Kuozui Motors. The interior of truck is very comfortable for two people to sit including driver.


Engine Specificationshino profia

The truck offered with a range of engine choices including 10,520 cc P11C and 12,913 cc E13C. The transmissions offered with this engine specification include a 7-speed, 12-speed, or 16-speed manual transmission. Moreover, the Pro Shift 12-speed automatic transmission is available only in domestic market.



The exterior of Hino Profia is very neat with amazing finishes The Hino Profia truck is also equipped with worthy and high quality exterior features that not only makes the truck looks stylish but also helps on the road and small places.


Final Verdit

Moreover, to improve the reliability, the normal one-piece torque bar has been altered to a V-sort along with an overlay elastic boost mount. On these amazing helpful features the drive of the truck is pretty justifiable as a result you will not be effected by a lot of street jerks and knocks or any other vibrations and this makes the driving very easy and comfortable with tons of load on the truck.

Photo Model Stock Id: Car Grade: Color: Vehicle Price:  
Hino Profia 2006 HINO PROFIA 2006 823996 HINO PROFIA 2006 Hino Profia 2006
823996 PG Green $11,215 Inquire
Hino Profia 2010 Hino Profia 2010
T626109 14.1T FLATBODY $80,289 Inquire
Hino Profia 2002 Hino Profia 2002
T725399 14.1t FLAT BODY $37,420 Inquire
Hino Profia 2010 Hino Profia 2010
T497292 18.0T TRACTOR $92,738 Inquire
Hino Profia 2006 Hino Profia 2006
T489488 12.2T FLATBODY 3 STEP CRANE $85,702 Inquire