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Daihatsu Mira Es

  1. MIRA 2010 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 770

  2. MIRA 2010 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 750

  3. MIRA 2007 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 580

  4. MIRA 2011 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 730

  5. MIRA 2011 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 970

  6. MIRA 2011 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 980

  7. MIRA 2011 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 720

  8. MIRA 2011 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 960

  9. MIRA 2012 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 870

  10. MIRA 2011 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 730

Daihatsu Mira ES is Five-door hatchback Daihatsu Mira ES and Toyota Pixis Epoch - the so-called products badge-engineering, in which it is not a joint development. One manufacturer designs and manufactures the car and providing the right to sell another model under their own nameplates and through its dealer network. In this case, Daihatsu which is the developer as well as manufacturer (the stage borrowed from Cuore). Toyota also has a long-standing relationship with this company, while not having their own key-penalties.

Modification of Mira ES

daihatsu mira eSThe car came to light in late 2002. Compared with the previous model, has undergone great changes in terms of equipment. As before, the buyer is given the opportunity to choose the 3-door or 5-door body styles. But the style has changed. Now this body, which is dominated by straight lines turned edgy. In addition, it helped make the interior more spacious, at the level of the class sedan. Thus, the buyer no longer has to choose a high wagon to get their hands on a machine with more voluminous interior. Side doors swing open almost 90 degrees from this improved access to the seat. This made the car more comfortable to use.

Perfect Japanese car

Daihatsu is the subsidiary of Toyota, which produce cars for the domestic market in Japan. In fact it is the same Toyota, but with a different icon and for ridiculous money. The motto of the company - we do so simple cars, there is nothing to break. Mira - is the car category Kei car. History of cars began in the post-war years, when afford a full-fledged car many could not. Therefore, instructors have come up with this compact runabout.  It is easy to maneuver in the flow, turn around, and pass through narrow passages, to park anywhere. In content, too, Mira goes not so much money as it is a subcompact car. It has Low fuel consumption, the city only 5 liters per hundred, saving on gasoline.

Modest Datadaihatsu mira eS

Modest power and a small amount of engine is its best quality. Like most small car after the 90 km / h the engine slightly gaining momentum. For a novice driver, these modest specifications are enough. Especially because basically move around the city.  An automatic transmission - is a huge plus for the city cars. Driving only get fun! Stable front-wheel drive will allow entering into a turn, comfortable pedal travel insures. It should be noted an interesting detail, the headlights are fairly high, but there is a mode of adjusting the angle of illumination. Which is very convenient in terms hampered visibility.

Look At The Salon

Outside, the car looks small, but inside it is spacious. Of course, the rear passengers are not very comfortable, but the front passenger quite roomy and comfortable. Trunk becomes larger if the rear seats - a big plus.

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