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Daihatsu Mira 2015 – Stunningly Sturdy Automobile With Right Attributes

  1. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 11,310

  2. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 2,930

  3. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 2,370

  4. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 780

  5. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 820

  6. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 5,230

  7. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 3,520

  8. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 830

  9. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 10,950

  10. MIRA 2015 Daihatsu MIRA

    Price: USD 7,100

Daihatsu Mira 2015 For Sale

Daihatsu Mira 2015 for sale is a renowned hatchback of popular carmaker Daihatsu. The name Mira is taken from the Latin word, which means a goal or motive. Its success throughout the world is highly proclaimed. This model represents the 7th generation, tempting the buyers due to multiple upgrades. It has charming beauty, aided with rugged details that give plenty of visual appeals. The vehicle is also marketed under nameplates of Daihatsu Cuore, Daihatsu Handi van and Daihatsu Domino. This subcompact hatchback is available in four model variants; Mira, Mira AVY, Mira Gino, and Mira VAN. All models are subtly equipped, integrated with plenty of kits and advanced techs. It boasts good value for money with such tremendous details. The vehicle is powered by a smooth performing engine, delivering mileage, economy, and efficiency. Overall, it is a class family hauler for all good reasons.



Daihatsu Mira 2015 for sale is a ubiquitous and quintessential car, reputed for its flexibility and reliable run. It has a well built and rugged chassis. The vehicle measures up an overall length of 3395mm, a width of 1500mm and a height of 1475mm. The wheelbase dimension stands at 2490mm with an overall curb weight of 740 kg. Inside, it is perfectly designed with good level material and amenities. The vehicle seats four passengers in relative comfort, making it an incredibly adequate family hauler. The cabin is feature-rich to deal with all hurdles on the long trip. The seats are supportive and comfortable. It also includes an array of features and advanced techs that preserve the pleasant atmosphere across the cabin. This car pack features like a keyless push-button start system, heated door mirrors, split-folding seats, and an anti-lock braking system alongside electronic brake force distribution. In addition, it is incorporated with a basic sound system and CD player to make ride experience rewarding for the people on board. In order to inspire the driving confidence, you will also get front fog light, traction control, tachometer, cruise control, multimedia features and leather seats.



Under the bonnet, Daihatsu Mira 2015 for sale comes equipped with an updated 660cc three-cylinder engine with Variable Valve time Intelligent (VVT-i). The powerplant churns out 58 horsepower and delivers a combined fuel economy of 25mpg. This car is available in both 2WD and 4WD, associated with either automatic or manual gearbox options. It drives smoothly and manifests good road-gripping even on undulated surfaces. The vehicle is economically appealing to budget-friendly buyers. It delivers matchless smooth drive on roads plus optimum speed performances and comfortable ride. The handling is superior, while the maneuverability expertise is average on the turns. The steering feels communicative, managing a good balance of road engagement with chassis. For safety purposes, you will have a handful of equipment including SRS airbags, antilock brakes, emergency brake assist and etc. In short, this vehicle offers an involving and safe ride experience.



The price of Daihatsu Mira 2015 for sale ranges from 3500USD to 10,000USD, depending upon mileage, model and condition of the car.

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