DAF LF 55.220 – The Hauling Specialist

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    Price: USD 17,846

  2. LF 2011 Daf LF

    Price: USD 22,961

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  5. LF 2007 Daf LF

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DAF LF 55.220 For Sale

DAF LF 55.220 for sale is the small yet rugged truck in the DAF lineup. It is engineered for the long-haul distribution. The DAF LF is one of the most famous unbending trucks on our roads today and its fundamental rivals are models like the Volvo FL, MAN TGL or Iveco Euro. It offers a blend of innovation and practicality along with a major serve of solace. This truck offers sublime mobility, easy cab access, low kerb weights for class-leading payloads, solace, execution and eco-friendliness. It is the perfect conveyance truck with good ratings GVWs. This truck has proven to be smooth, dependable, adaptable hauler for the professionals. Moreover, the cutting edge structure of the LF mirrors the brand image. Thus, DAF LF Series is not just obviously fit to town or country, it will likewise meet the standards of longer road trips. The LF55 covers GVWs from 12 up to 21 tons, while tendering a maximum train weight of up to 32 tons. It is used widely ranging from urban and regional distribution to long distance lightweight transport. This truck also allows special applications such as road sweepers, garbage collectors or fire engines. Overall, it guarantees best-in-class performance and great payload for highest productivity.


DAF LF 55.220 for sale is available in two cab configurations including Day Cab and Sleeper Cab. It is also accessible in two axle configurations that include 4x2 and 6x2, having wheelbase dimensions ranging between 17.5 inch and 22.5 inch. The LF55 hosts the typical European designing with cab over engine arrangement. The general look is spotless and really basic giving the LF a durable appearance. The articulated upper and lower grille includes an aluminum strip.The inconspicuous outside update gives the LF a progressively solid appearance. The more articulated upper and lower grille with aluminum strip to mean consistence with the Euro 4 and Euro 5 discharge standard, the bigger mirrors for a bigger field of vision. All such details give the LF55 a progressively modern-day look, without promptly outclassing the past model. To be sure, the styling and standard of finish more take after that of an extravagance traveler vehicle. The shading plans and materials utilized imply that the LF cabs offers a lovely, open to workplace. The dashboard and current instrument board, the flexible steering wheel with incorporated controls and discretionary airbag, and the all-around situated handles and switches exhibit an ergonomic workplace environment.

Comfort & Practicality

Both the Day Cab and the Sleeper Cab join minimal outside measurements for greatest mobility and load space with a shockingly open inside. The simple access, brilliant visibility and ergonomic controls are proof that the driver has been the focal point of consideration in the improvement of the truck. With completely flexible seats, controls consistently assembled around the driving position, and a dashboard that would take a gander at home in an extravagance traveler vehicle. The Sleeper Cab has three extra stockpiling units underneath the bed. The header rack additionally obliges the tachograph, effectively close enough. Additionally, the seats can be completely balanced by you wishes and they are accessible with air suspension for ideal solace. The driving position is high while the wide, profound windscreen and thin columns give amazing visibility.

Driving For Satisfaction

DAF LF 55.220 for sale comes equipped with PACCAR engine that complies with Euro4 and Euro5 emission standards. It has same reputation for performance, reliability and fuel economy. It is characterized by high pressure common rail diesel engine. Under the hood, it is fitted with 6.7L six-cylinder engine that churns out net power of 210kW and torque of 1050Nm. The braking ability another surplus, fitted with standard all-wheel discs that pull up under all conditions. The brakes offers great feel and throttle response. The steering is good enough to give excellent road communication. Moreover, it is a rugged truck and perfect hauler.


DAF LF 55.220 for sale is an alluring truck that ensures high level of operations. It offers good serviceability and requires less maintenance. Above all, it is best-suited for pickup and delivery work tasks.

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