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Citroen C4 Cactus - A Car With Unique Appearance And Extra Ordinary Performace

  1. C4 2011 Citroen C4

    Price: USD 4,557

In the middle of the 1950s, the Citroen DS entered middle class cars. With its innovative hydraulic technology, it brought unprecedented driving comfort into the middle class. The Citroen Cactus made an appearance with its unusual exterior.

The bigger surprise, though, was that the futuristic show car, which was the offshoot of the C4 series, was almost unchanged in serial production and was sold to the market a year after its launch.

Interior Details

The designers of the C4 Cactus could think of a lot to compensate for the loss of conventional equipment by installing original details. The Cactus, instead of conventional solid door handles made of plastic, received light grip airbags. The airbag of the C4 Cactus was installed in the roof over the passenger seat.

The instrument panel, otherwise housed in a complex plastic panel, was replaced with a digital display in favor of a space-saving and material-saving rectangular display frame. And a 7-inch touchscreen took over the tasks, which were traditionally done via rotary knobs and switches.

In the Cactus the functions of radio, air-conditioning, navigation and assistance systems could be manipulated centrally via the on-board computer. There are many other technological interior features are offered in the C4 Cactus.

Citroen C4 Technologies

Air Cushions in the Citroen C4 Cactus

With a length of more than 4.16 meters and a wheelbase of 2.60 meters, the C4 Cactus used the standard dimensions for a compact class model. By designing its bodywork, however, the French differed strikingly from other models of its vehicle class. This was due in particular to the air cushions attached to the flanks in this way the doors protect from dents.

The air cushions could be ordered in contrast to the varnish and thus gave the Cactus its own distinctive character. Another unusual feature was the highly rounded front of the compact Citroen, who carried its LED daytime running light in slot form just below the bonnet made of lightweight aluminum.

A wide C-pillar, a roof trim and plastic-covered wheel arches in the cross-look rounded off the appearance of the C4 Cactus available in the four equipment lines Start, Live, Feel and Shine for the market launch in 2014.

Engine Specifications

As a self-ignition, the French offered the C4 Cactus with four-cylinder engines in two power stages. The most economical version with a 75 kW (99 hp) engine optimized for more efficient operation was content with an average fuel consumption of 3.1 liters per 100 kilometers, which is a CO2 emission of 82 g / km.


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