BMW 318i - Important Specs for a Cut Price

For anyone trying to set up a new image for himself BMW Series 4 has abundant opportunities to follow. The series was introduced in 80’s but it took 10 years for the car to perfectly shine among the cars of its own class. And when BMW finally did it in the beginning of 90’s, the success never was lost. Variants after variants, every model that joined the badge of BMW Series 3 became a sign of excellence in the automobiles. Variants like coupe and saloon brought a new life to the series. The old versions of the series are now available in the market and are a total benefit in case of price and features.


BMW 318i 2014, 2013, 2005, 2003 and 2002 are the most popular models of this car.Today we would review the BMW 318i from 2001 to 2005 as it shines bright in the BMW series 3 sale at Japanese used car market.


BMW 318i Exterior

BMW 318iThe must have exterior look that designers at BMW manage is always a must have factor. The different engine trims like compact, 3-door hatch back and high performance show all the attraction in the world. The broader front and the traditional size dimensions are applied to the basic versions with a parted grille and twin headlights. From every exterior angle, the design is perfectly styled and it is even very friendly for the interior space.


BMW 318I Engine

Out of the whole BMW series 3, the 318i shares an exception by all means. Most of the standard version in the series from 2001-2005 are available with the 2.0L petrol engine with 4 inline cylinders. The transmission paired with the engine is of 5-speed manual. The sporty image of the car is because of the great speeds and smooth driving manners that it has. The 143bhp of power is accessible with fuel efficiency of 39mpg. The low transmission BMW has been the best sellers in Europe at the time of introduction and a highlight of Japanese used car market until this day.


Drive and Handling

Available with all well designed automatic features the BMW 318i is perfection in case of smoothness of operations and balance. The automobile offering has a balance to cherish in most road conditions. In most countries the used BMW 318i available for favorable price has become a premium option for the young buyers as it is high end in fashion and features altogether.



There has been an argument about the lack of equipment in the interiors which can be covered by the device injections in the low priced used BMW 318i. And forBMW 318imost standard versions the quantity of equipment is not very much disappointing. There is a power steering, climate control, electric windows, electric mirrors, leather seats, and cruise control and alloy wheels. The high in quality Radio CD player is available for the entertainment.


Safety Features

The BMW cars have always been good at the safety side. The equipment that BMW 318i shares has favorable safety options like: ABS, ESP, driver and passenger airbags, immobilizer, central lock, rear parking sensor, an alarm and front seat belt pretensioners.


BMW 318i Fuel Consumption / MPG

23 city / 32 highway


BMW 318i Price

Used BMW 318i is available within price range of $ 3000 to 13000 depending upon condition, model, mileage and year.

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