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Audi Q3 Price in South Africa

  1. Q3 2021 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 26,630

  2. Q3 2013 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 8,760

  3. Q3 2012 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 4,300

  4. Q3 2015 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 7,380

  5. Q3 2021 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 26,410

  6. Q3 2015 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 9,350

  7. Q3 2013 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 7,540

  8. Q3 2020 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 26,370

  9. Q3 2013 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 7,830

  10. Q3 2022 Audi Q3

    Price: USD 25,370

The Audi Q3 price in South Africa is from USD 5,777 to USD 86,792

Regarding luxury compact SUVs, the Audi Q3 stands tall, exuding elegance and power. In this comprehensive car review, we will dive deep into what makes the Audi Q3 a sought-after vehicle in its class. It boasts a stunning exterior as well as high-end tech features, thus leaving no stone unturned to give tough competition to other vehicles in its league.



Exterior Design: A Blend of Elegance and Sportiness

The Audi Q3s exterior design is exceptional and reflects Audi commitment to both elegance and sportiness. Its sharp lines and bold front grille make a striking first impression. Stylish alloy wheels and well-placed lights enhance its overall appeal.

The Q3 compact size makes it perfect for urban environments, while its strong, athletic stance gives it a sporty edge. Every element of the Audi Q3 contributes to its elegance. Hence enhancing its overall aesthetics and aerodynamics.



Interior Comfort and Luxury: A Haven of Elegance

Stepping inside the Audi Q3 is like entering a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. Inside, you will find high-quality material and minimalistic design features that are inviting and functional.

The seats come in premium leather, providing exceptional comfort during long drives. There is enough room within the cabin for every passenger. With the panoramic sunroof, you can enjoy a bright and airy atmosphere inside the Q3.



Cutting-Edge Technology: Infotainment and Connectivity

In todays automotive landscape, technology contributes a crucial aspect in helping enhance the driving experience, and the Audi Q3 does not disappoint. The MMI Touch Response Infotainment system is right in the center, displayed on a crisp touchscreen. You can purchase the Audi Q3 from SBT Japan.

Easy access to all the functionalities is made possible by the system straightforward design. Standard smartphone connectivity is ensured through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The available Bang & Olufsen sound system delivers an impressive audio quality as well.



Performance: A Dynamic Driving Experience

Under the hood, the Audi Q3 offers a choice of two potent engines. The standard 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine generates 184 horsepower, providing ample power for daily driving. If you crave more exhilaration, the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the S-line trim pumps out an impressive 228 horsepower.

The Quattro all-wheel-drive system, a hallmark of Audis performance, ensures optimal traction and stability in various road conditions. The suspension of the Q3 achieves the ideal harmony between comfort and sportiness. In addition to being easy to drive, it also has precise handling.



Safety Features: Advanced Protection

Audi prioritizes safety, and the SBT Audi Q3 is equipped with a host of advanced safety features that promote peace of mind while driving. These features include:

Adaptive Cruise Control: Even in busy traffic, keep a safe gap between you and the car in front. When necessary, adaptive cruise control automatically modifies the vehicle speed.

Lane-Keeping Assist: Stay securely within your lane with the assistance of lane-keeping technology that gently corrects your steering if you begin to drift.

Blind-Spot Monitoring: While changing lanes, the blind-spot monitoring feature keeps you safe by alerting you if it notices a car in your path.

Automatic Emergency Braking: In critical situations, the Q3 automatic emergency braking system can intervene to help prevent or mitigate a collision.

Additionally, the Q3 received high marks in crash tests, hence making it one of the safest vehicles to drive. The rigid body structure and a plethora of airbags contribute to its excellent safety record.



Fuel Efficiency: Balancing Performance and Economy

In the luxury compact SUV segment, fuel efficiency is a crucial factor. The Audi Q3 for sale in South Africa manages to strike a balance between economy and performance. The base engine offers respectable fuel efficiency, while the more powerful S-line engine remains competitive in its class.

The stop-start technology further enhances fuel savings, especially in city driving scenarios. Overall, the Q3 offers a compelling blend of power and efficiency.



Driving Experience: Daily Commutes and Long Drive Adventures

The Audi Q3 excels in providing a versatile driving experience. It is not only easy to maneuver in traffic and tight spots but also a delight to drive on the highway. You will find that the steering is quite responsive, and its well-tuned suspension contributes to a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

The Audi Q3 shines on the open road as well. The robust engine options provide ample passing power, and the all-wheel-drive system instills confidence in various weather conditions. Whether you are commuting during the week or embarking on a weekend adventure, the Q3 is up to the task.



Cargo Space

The Audi Q3 prioritizes elegance and performance without sacrificing practicality. Its adaptable cargo area may hold your shopping bags, baggage, or sporting equipment by being able to be folded down to increase the available capacity. For anybody seeking both flair and utility, it is the ideal car.



Audis Commitment to Sustainability

Audi recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability, and the Audi Q3 is a testament to its eco-friendly initiatives. From efficient engine options to lightweight construction and recyclable materials, Audi is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint. By choosing the Audi Q3, you are supporting a brand committed to a greener future.



Audis Unparalleled Legacy

Audi legacy dates back over a century, and throughout its history, it has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence. From the racetracks to the streets, Audis innovations have revolutionized the automotive industry. An Audi is not just a car; owning it is about becoming part of a legacy of innovation and precision.



Audis Commitment to Innovation

Innovation has always been at the forefront for Audi. From pioneering all-wheel drive technology to leading the charge in electric mobility, Audi has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible. When you choose the Audi Q3, you are not just choosing a vehicle; you are aligning yourself with a brand that is at the forefront of automotive innovation.



Audi Q3 price in South Africa

The price of Audi Q3 in South Africa begins from USD 5,777 and goes up to USD 86,792. You can find detailed vehicle information on the SBT Japan website, which provides a hassle-free car export process to South Africa.



Resale Value

When you invest in an Audi Q3, you are not just investing in a luxury vehicle. You are making a wise financial decision. Audis hold their value well over time. So, when the time comes to trade in or sell your Q3, you can expect a strong resale value, further enhancing the value of your ownership experience.



Wrapping Up

Overall, the Audi Q3 impresses on multiple fronts. Its striking design and advanced technology make it a compelling choice in the luxury compact SUV segment. So whether you want it for your daily commute or long drive adventures, the Q3 is well-equipped to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a car that combines elegance, power, and adaptability, the Audi Q3 should be at the top of your list. Check SBT South Africa for more deals. You may pick the best model for you by visiting the SBT Japan website. Furthermore, the specialized support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in making an educated decision.

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