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Alfa Romeo 147- The 10 Year Vehicle

  1. CUBE 2005 Alfa CUBE

    Price: USD 607

  2. FIT 2002 Alfa FIT

    Price: USD 701

  3. CUBE 2002 Alfa CUBE

    Price: USD 607

  4. PASSO 2008 Alfa PASSO

    Price: USD 600

  5. THATS 2007 Alfa THATS

    Price: USD 523


    Price: USD 695

  7. R2 2004 Alfa R2

    Price: USD 476

  8. AZ WAGON 2008 Alfa AZ WAGON

    Price: USD 619

  9. VITZ 1999 Alfa VITZ

    Price: USD 619

  10. PORTE 2007 Alfa PORTE

    Price: USD 619

Alfa Romeo Company has the roots back in 1910 when a company by the name of A.L.F.A. was formed. The Alfa had full form of Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili and was known for its high priced sports cars. Ten years later in 1920 the first Alfa Romeo named car came that was the result of hard work of the entrepreneur Nicola Romeo. The entrepreneur left the organization in 1928, but the technology up gradation it experienced still has its shades today.

Alfa Romeo 147 came in the year 2000 as a luxury vehicle and was a participant in European Car of The Year securing position before Ford Mondeo and Toyota Prius. The car was a replacement of 145 and 146 hatchback. It was available as a 1600 CC, 2000 CC and 3200 CC vehicle and went through the typical 10 year production strategy followed by Alfa Romeo in many of its vehicle range. The automobile was later replaced by Giulietta after a production of approximately 0.6 million vehicles.
The review shows the following success story this specs filled luxury.

Exterior Tantalizing

The exterior is made of material that supports performance optimization at low fuel consumption. The shape was eye catchy with designing done by Walter de’Silva and Wolfgang Egger. A lot of hype was created before the launch, which rightly proved that styling was hard to ignore. The exterior was improved in 2004 in a way that the range was revamped with 159 and Brera models.

The Alloy Wheels further acted as style booster that had look to make difference with indirect support to tires. The new grille, headlights, rear lights and much more brought in a new look to the vehicle. The more the car body improved with its sharp accessories the greater the price got.

Mechanics Upgraded

The mechanics is at the best, with diesel option arrival. The 2006 model brought in a limited slip differential with torque distributed in all wheels giving efficient power rotation. The hot hatch 147 GTA reached new level of top speed.

The earlier models went up to 6 gear manual transmission though later the patented Selespeed was introduced. The manual transmission at first was the true power of sports facilitation, though the later models patented Selespeed brought in robotized manual transmission with electronic clutch. The typical features of Power Window and Power Steering are available in the vehicle that provided mechanical efficiency at low force exertion.

Recognition Sky High

The Alfa Romeo 147 gained popularity with over 27 awards in hands. It got award as European Vehicle 2001, Germany golden steering wheel 2000, France Automobile Magazine 2000 and Brazil Imported Car 2002 to name a few. It was part of World Touring Car Championship and British Touring Car Championship making good names altogether.

This best proved that interior, exterior and mechanics was aligned to the best level.
Everything was finely considered making this vehicle a thrilling drive. The ten years contributed to making it refined to the best that the next generation was introduced with complete mark of differentiation.

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