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A Precise Honda Freed Review

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Honda Freed cars have been made with a robust, innovative, responsive, and powerful engine. Freed looks elegant and luxurious with outstanding dimensions. As a used car buyer, do not forget to explore and verify its Security and Braking System.


  • The exterior of the used Honda Freed carries the iconic Boxy Body Concept with the Headlight Design in the shape of a diagonal, curved design to the inside. Its Headlights have been combined with a curved Front Grill, consisting of three rows.

  • In its interior, there should be unique panels that are sophisticated and modern and supported by LCD Multi-Information that functions to provide complete and real-time information about temperature, mileage, and remaining fuel.

  • Honda innovated an advanced electric device that can be used in hybrid cars while at the same time solving two particularly complex challenges affecting transmission systems.

  • Honda will use the new engine in the fall in a hybrid version of the Freed minivan destined for the Japanese market. The engine was developed in collaboration with Daido Steel, a producer of metal components from the Rising Sun.

  • “The reduction in the use of rare earth elements was one of the main challenges," Honda highlights the possibility of using the advanced engine in high-performance hybrid cars, including Freed, using innovative techniques for thermal resistance.


? In the Steering section, there is a Multi-Layered Meter Cluster. Its Walkthrough Cabin Model is useful for making it easier for passengers to move freely from one seat to another.
? The Honda Freed has been made with top-notch seat quality so that users and drivers will feel very comfortable sitting in this MPV car.
? Freed is equipped with a Rack and Pinion Power Steering System, making it easier for the driver to run this used Honda Freed quickly on various terrain types.
? It uses Speedy Automatic A / T Transmission Type with its Suspension.
? In the Front, there should be MacPherson Strut Suspension; while, the rear uses H Shape Torsion Beam.
? It uses reasonable alloy wheels that can easily ensure grip on the roads when you accelerate it.


× Audio quality lacks Audio Quality because it cannot be denied that the Interior area is sophisticated, but lack of good audio quality decreases its resale value.
× Freed is criticized because of its narrow luggage and relatively wasteful fuel consumption.
× Overall a Style and Design is less attractive.

Honda Freed review

used Honda Freed can be equipped with i VTEC 1.5 L SOHC Inline Cylinder with 16 Valves DBW Plus TBR that can produce a Maximum Engine Power of 87 / 6,600 rpm and a Maximum Engine Torque of 14.9 kg.m (146 Nm) / 4,800 rpm with a Cylinder Fill of 1,497 CC as well as a Step Diameter of 73.0 mm x 89.4 mm and has a Fuel Supply System using the PGM-FI System so that it can be concluded simply that the Honda Freed Car Specifications is powerful in the perspective of MPV Car Types.


This car has also used the ABS Brand Braking System and the EBD Brand Braking System to provide effective braking to stabilize when a used car buyer or drive brakes suddenly. Please note, "Various MPV type sedans offer elliptical style, but a used car buyer needs to aware, Freed does not. Its exterior portrays an excellent and innovative outlook, while its overall design is attractive and iconic. 

From the front fascia, it portrays the old look but is wrapped in an advanced twist. When you look at the light, this car displays a narrow lamp that is supposed to be curved inward. Besides, a used car buyer needs to test its lamp case with chrome accents." To be precise below is an overview about its Specs

Specs to Consider in Honda Freed review

Front Brakes - Disc dimensions: Vented Discs  Rear Brakes - Dics dimensions: Drums 
Engine Alignment:  Transverse Fuel type:  Petrol
Traction - Drivetrain: FWD Front Suspension: struts
Lubrication: Wet sump  Coolant: Water
Trunk / Boot capacity: L Steering: Rack and pinion. PAS 
Transmission Gearbox: speedy and Auto CVT Transmission    


Any complementary features inside used Honda Freed?

There should be various complementary features such as dual SRS Airbags, Door Open Warning Security Alarm, Safety System Keyless Entry, Immobilizer, Retractable Mirror, etc.


Are there any additional Security add-ons?

A Seatbelt Pretension equipped with a Load Limiter to address injury in the event of a sudden impact and braking is one of its advanced Security add-ons.


What about its Chassis?

Its G-CON ACE model chassis can reduce impact and provide maximum protection for its occupants.

What is the Class of this car?

It is considered a premium MPV with a sporty and attractive style

Is this a fuel-efficient car?

Yes, it is environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

What Color types are there?

Various color choices for a used car buyer such as Premium Deep   Pear, Crystal Black Pearl, Luna Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Citron Drop, Cobalt Blue Pearl, Blue Horizon Metallic, Mandarin Gold Metallic, and White Orchid Pearl.

Can you precisely describe its cutting-edge Options?

Various cutting-edge features to support comfort are also inside, i.e., Electronic Power steering to provide stability and Drive-By-Wire to open the throttle cover, etc. Besides, the Honda Sensing feature assures sudden braking automatically, as well.

Which Type of Suspension Freed Uses?

Strut suspension at Front and H-shaped Torsion Beam reduces voices and noises and an ABS

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