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AUDI tt COUPE 2005

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The Audi TT Coupe has been in production since 1998  by Audi in Gyor Hungary. The design aesthetics are derived from the VW Golf, and the AUDI tt Coupe 2005 was a facelifted and upgraded version of the 1998 Audi tt Coupe. TT is an abbreviation of “Tourist Trophy,” not “Twin Turbo,” as it is generally assumed. The Tourist Trophy was a race from 1907, and the moniker is a way for Audi to acknowledge their heritage and legacy.

The Audi tt Coupe 2005 is not a pure race car that should be on track. Instead, it is a sports car for a civilized era that utilizes the lessons learned from racing and adapted for the street.

Interestingly, a little debate goes over what kind of transmission does this car have. Car and Driver magazine called it a manual, while Audi refers to it as an automatic. But most critics agree that it is closer to a hybrid. Though it doesn t make a difference to the driver, whether it s one or the other, the bottom line is that it works. It works like both essentially and is the best of both worlds.

The Audi tt Coupe 2005 is this beautiful amalgamation of Volkswagen mechanicals and durability with an attention to detail highlighting the upscale sporty vibe with high-quality materials and finesse. The aesthetics are retro, with the interior posh and stylish and the handling, like all Audi cars, is stable and powerful.

A used Audi tt Coupe 2005 can be found in one of these three variants:

  • A 180 HP 1.8 T Coupe
  • A 225 HP 1.8 Coupe
  • A 250 HP 3.2 Coupe.

The Audi tt Coupe 2005 is a tiny but powerful car with a small cockpit and truck, but it is a car for certain lifestyles. For those, this is a worthy purchase, and the drive is a rewarding experience.


The Audi tt Coupe 2005 review will delve into the highlights of the interior, the exterior of the car with a roundup of what s different about each of the variants. One thing is certain everyone who owns an Audi Coupe maintains it with love and care. So, if you are looking to buy a used Audi tt Coupe 2005, you can expect it to be in tip-top condition.

The Audi tt Coupe 2005 at a glance:

The Audi tt Coupe 2005 boasts a retro shaped inspired by the Volkswagen Golf, similar to a bathtub described in several reviews as such. However, the design, despite being decade-plus old, does not seem dated. The engine is in the front, but the design creates the impression that the engine should be in the rear of the driver. However, the space in the back is utilized to place two small seats in the back, making this car a two plus two.

There are slight differences between the different models available for the Audi tt Coupe 2005. But it is to be noted that the styling and aerodynamic tweaks are not easy to pick out for the casual observer.

The one critique that the car does get is that the aesthetics do not work without the top as the car s beauty comes from the circular and rounded shape evoking retro vibes for everyone who sees the car.

An inside look at the Audi tt Coupe 2005:

The Audi tt for such a small car has an incredible leg and foot room which translates to an enjoyable drive. One of the many ways Audi has made the drive more comfortable is through improved ergonomics of how the driver is seated and interacted with the pedals and how the body fits when the car is traveling at high speeds or making tight turns.

The roofline is low, but the way the Audi tt Coupe 2005 is designed means it is easy to climb into the car but still watch your head. In addition, the seats have enough adjustment options to make the drive comfortable even for taller drivers. And did we mention that the seats are Italian leather and add to the rich interior aesthetics?

The panel is aesthetically pleasing with red illumination and is easy to read, use and comprehend. The overall feel is quite similar to a racer that has been dubbed cool by quite a few people.

Used Audi tt Coupe 2005 models and features:

The used Audi tt Coupe 2005 cars would be available in one of these three variants with some extra features depending on the choices made by the previous owners. Some of the features that are standard on all models are leather upholstery, an audio system with CD support, HomeLink supported along with 17-inch wheels, and Xenon high-intensity headlamps with automatic adjustment capabilities.

The 1.8 T Coupe comes in a 180 HP variant is equipped with an inter-cooled turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine, FWD, and Tiptronic six-speed automatic transmission.

On the other hand, the 1.8T Coupe also comes with a 225 HP engine which is equipped with a Quattro all-wheel-drive system and a six-speed manual transmission.

The last variant is the 3.2 Coupe which comes with a 250 HP, 3.2-liter V6 engine for an incredible amount of power, Quattro all-wheel-drive system, and a six-speed transmission which Audi has dubbed the DSG or Direct Shift Gearbox. It can be operated either using a short lever on the floor or small paddles on the steering wheel or just leaving it in Drive, and basically, it turns the car into one with an automatic transmission.

Additional options include different paint jobs, a baseball stitch treatment for the seats. Different tires. XM satellite radio, navigation system, and the Alcan leather steering wheel.


How many models are available for the Audi tt Coupe 2005?
The used Audi tt Coupe 2005 has three models based upon engine and transmission configuration. 

  • 8 Coupe with a 180 HP inter-cooled turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine and Tiptronic six-speed automatic transmission.
  • 8T Coupe with a 225 HP engine and a six-speed manual transmission.
  • 3,2 Coupe with a 250 HP, 3.2-liter V6 engine, and a six-speed DSG(Direct Shift Gear Box) transmission

    What is a Direct Shift Gear Box?

    Direct Shift Gearbox allows the driver to operate the gears either using a short lever on the floor or small paddles on the steering wheel, or they can just leave it in Drive and drive like the car has an automatic transmission.




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