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SBT Guyana Japanese Used Cars

Attention!! Guyana new tyre regulation
This restriction applies to used tyres on motor vehicles including motor cars, vans, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), pick-ups, buses and other similar vehicles.
Only new tyres will be allowed as statement from GRA said,
"When used tyres are presented with the vehicles, they can be allowed entry with the vehicles once the tyres have a minimum of 6mm tyre depth."
Importers of used tyres on vehicles not adhering to the stipulated standards will be fined.
  • GUY$10,000 * (car, van, mini-bus)
  • GUY$15,000 * (pickup and SUV)
  • *per tyre inclusive of spare
In case replacement of any tyres is not necessary, cost for the non-replacing tyres will be discounted.
SBT introducing new TREND in Guyana
Manager Selection
Why Choose SBT?
We have friendly staff that you can meet face to face at our office in valpark shopping plaza.
We have more than 2000 stock cars specifically for Guyana market.
We have inspectors at all major auction houses to provide customers with a clearer picture of cars before they purchase.
We provide a large number of detailed photos including photos of imperfections and underbody.
We have the best price.
We provide the best Japanese service.
We have reliable sales agents who always assist you to find the best ones for you.
We have the best customer service who always help you.
How To Buy?
Click here for details.
Import Scheme and Information


We ship from all major ports in Japan to port of Georgetown in Guyana. The journey takes between 6-8 weeks.
We have relationships with major shipping companies and can therefore offer discounted rates on shipping for our vehicles.
We will take care of all export procedures in Japan and arrange shipping for our customers.
Our service means that everything is taken care of for you from auction site to your country. (All checks, documentation, certificates & fees included)


Port of Georgetown

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I buy cars from SBT?
It's simple. Just register online and select your car from our web site. Or visit our office in GIFTLAND MALL at Ground floor.
How long does it take from vehicle reservation date to arrival in Guyana?
6-8 weeks.
What shipping line do you use?
Shipping line: We use HOEGH, YUWA, MOL and K-LINE.
What is CFR price, CNF price & CIF price?
CFR, CNF is unit price & shipping cost, CIF is unit price & shipping cost & insurance.
If I have more questions, what should I do?
Give us a call. Visit our office at GIFTLAND MALL, Our friendly staff are happy to answers any questions you have.
Which vehicles can be imported in Guyana?
Any vehicle that is a RHD (Right Hand Drive) and is newer than 8 years(2008 year and must registered current month and up.(except all Trucks)
What extra Charges do we have to pay other then the C&F cost?
There are no extra or Hidden Charges charged by SBT Japan then C&F Cost. C&F cost only include Cost of the vehicle and freight charges, it is the cost to deliver the vehicle on your Port, however, you will have to pay the Duty and Taxes locally in Guyana at the time of clearing the vehicle.
Where do I need to send payment?
All the payments must arrive at SBT Bank account in Japan only. You should send money only to SBT Co. Ltd. beneficiaries in Japan. Click here for payment details. We also accept PayPal payments! Ask your sales representative for more details.
The SBT Team
Our SBT sales staff
"Our friendly sales staff are happy to talk with you."
Our yard inspectors
"Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your vehicles once they arrive in our yard."
Our auction inspectors
"Our auction inspectors ensure we only purchase top-quality cars."
Get In Touch With Us
SBT JAPAN (Head Office)
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Office Address:
KDX Yokohama-Nishiguchi Bldg. 7F,
2-10-36, Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-0004, Japan

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