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Local Service Available in Tanzania

  • Car Sales
    Car Sales
    Our great sales are happy to deal with you.
  • Delivery
    We are happy to deliver your cars to city which the service is available.
  • Clearing & Forwarding
    Clearing & Forwarding
    Our great sales are happy to explain about Clearing & Forwarding. You do not have to worry anything.
  • Tax Consulting & Registration
    Tax Consulting & Registration
    We are familiar with Tax Consulting & Registration. So do not hesitate to ask about it.

Our Great Agent in Tanzania

Apple freight Forwarders Ltd,

Apple freight Forwarders Ltd,

Joseph A. Towo
P.P.F House, 5th Floor, Samora Avenue/Morogoro Road, P.O.Box 50135, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania.
+255 713 123510
E mail:
Spare Parts Shop Allwan Trust

Spare Parts Shop Allwan Trust

10721 plot63,block90 Kilwa st Ilala Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

Clearing Service and Delivery Service


Port of Discharge:
Dar es Salaam



Transit to Border Size of the vehicle (m3)
-9.99 10-11.99 12-13.99 14-14.99 15-15.99 16-16.99 17-17.99 18-25.99
Tanzania Dar port $170 $170 $170 $170 $170 $180 $180 $200

Clearing & Delivery Service

Transit to Border Size of the vehicle (m3)
-9.99 10-11.99 12-13.99 14-14.99 15-15.99 16-16.99 17-17.99 18-25.99
Arusha Dar port $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $400 $400 $450
Mwanza Dar port $450 $450 $450 $450 $450 $500 $550 $600
Kasumbalesa kasumbalesa $1,210 $1,150 $1,270 $1,305 $1,350 $1,400 $1,405 $1,750
Tunduma - Nakonde Tunduma - Nakonde $580 $600 $670 $700 $780 $840 $915 $1,050
Kasumulu - Songwe Kasumulu - Songwe $590 $610 $700 $730 $810 $855 $945 $1,075
Rusumo -Rwanda Rusumo -Rwanda $630 $660 $690 $740 $790 $810 $930 $1,120

1 -   Duty and VAT for your country is not included in the price and port charges and shipping line charges also not included in the price. Duty and VAT it depend on Customs CIF value assessed by your Revenue Authority. Port charges it depend on CIF value base on TPA tariff for information ask our Tanzania office.

2 -   Clearing and delivery fee are different compared with the volume and value for the vehicles the fees are determined by the cubic meters (m3) of the vehicle and C&F and this is estimated charges only.

3 -    We can offer delivery to country which not in map for more information you can Ask our Tanzania Office.

4 -   To know status for the vehicles ,Our partner agent will inform you the shipping schedules ETD (Departure) and ETS (arrival), Shipping notice (Name/Schedule) are changed sometime due to some reasons either delay or unexpected trouble.In this case we inform you the changes with the next shipping schedule as soon as possible.

5 -   We will have a delivery services with other Cities for more information, We advice you to contact our Tanzania office will arrange C & F agent at reasonable fees.

6 -   Documents required for SBT Tanzania to clear and deliver vehicle, You are required to email to us a scanned copy of ID, such as your Passport, Driver license or employment ID/any other accepted ID. Also we can support registration for more information please liaison with our Tanzania Office.

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    I have received my both Cars and they are very nice in all aspects. Good engines and body accessories as well.
    I promise you to be a good ambassador with regards to your company, everybody admire my cars, especially PREMIO one.
    I like the cars and I believe it has been privileged to receive the service from your company through you Mr. GHILMAN as a focal person. Extraordinary discharge of issues, keep it up brother GHILMAN!

    The post FREDY FRANCIS TANZANIA appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

    Thank you SBT the car is here now. It has arrived safely,it is a Very nice unit with the same specs as appeared on the website
    Much respect to Fahama Farrukh for your good cooperation and caring since the day i started business with your company,Infact i feel very proud to be your customer

    The post AZIZ JUMA TANZANIA appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

  • Mr.Rodgers John
    ‘ Am happy because the car(TOYOTA PROGRESS) arrived with all what i saw from your website(SBT website), also it is only FOUR ( 4) weeks since i pay for the unit , am very happy to do business with you guys and i can’t wait to give this good news to my fellow workers to purchase cars from sbt Japan.

    The post Mr.Rodgers John appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

  • Mr.Emmanuel Joseph

    It’s a royal aloon nice car good condition I appreciate SBT

    Nice vehicle good price it’s from STB JAPAN if you want your dreams car purchase from SBT JAPAN.I feel proud to be a part of families of SBT JAPAN​

    The post Mr.Emmanuel Joseph appeared first on SBT Testimonials.


    Thank you for SBT

    I receive a very nice car.

    I will be continuing  business with SBT Japan.

    The post Mr.DENNIS appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

  • Mr.Kamal Jethwa

    I am glad that I received the car just the way i saw it on the website and i am happy to say that i am fully satisfied by your company’s Service.

    I will surely refer to others about your services. Stay blessed!

    The post Mr.Kamal Jethwa appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

  • Mr.Emanuel Jonas

    I received the BMW in great condition. Thank you for your transparency in business.

    I will keep ordering cars from SBTny as you always provide good units.

    I will be giving you more orders soon. 

    The post Mr.Emanuel Jonas appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

  • Mr.Nelson Mlay

    I just want to thanks you for my car. I receive my car in a very good condition with high quality. Surely I real appreciate your effort my brother i like the car because is very new and also very clean inside.

    The post Mr.Nelson Mlay appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

  • Mr.George Benedict Lupembe

    This is one of the 5 cars I bought from SBT

    Thanks for the good service

    The post Mr.George Benedict Lupembe appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

  • Mr.Shaban Maulid

    Thank you so much for your service. I’m with a car now SBT. Asante sana!

    The post Mr.Shaban Maulid appeared first on SBT Testimonials.

SBT Tanzania

The SBT Team

  • Our SBT sales staff
    “Our friendly sales staff are happy to talk with you.”
  • Our yard inspectors
    “Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your vehicles once they arrive in our yard.”
  • Our auction inspectors
    “Our auction inspectors ensure we only purchase top-quality cars.”

Get In Touch With Us

  • SBT TANZANIA(Dar es Salaam)

    Office Hours:
    Mon. –Fri. : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
    Office Address:
    NHC House GF05 Samora Avenue / Zanaki Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
    P.O. Box 3267 Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

  • SBT TANZANIA(Arusha)

    Office Hours:
    Mon.-Fri.: 9:00am-5:00pm
    Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
    Office Address:
    Unit 24 TFA Complex - Sokoine Road

  • Head Office(Japan)

    Office Hours:
    Mon.-Fri.: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
    Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
    Office Address:
    Yokohama KDX Bldg, 7F, 2-10-36, Kita-saiwai,
    Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 220-0004, Japan

    Contact Info:

Customer Support Team

Paul (Dar-es-Salaam Office)

Hassan (Arusha Office)
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