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Used Vehicle For Sale In Guyana

  1. ALLION 2020 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 15,730

  2. WISH 2004 Toyota WISH

    Prix: USD 3,450

  3. ALLION 2007 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 3,460

  4. ALLION 2017 Toyota ALLION

    Prix: USD 13,970

  5. WISH 2009 Toyota WISH

    Prix: USD 4,190

  6. WISH 2013 Toyota WISH

    Prix: USD 4,680

  7. WISH 2012 Toyota WISH

    Prix: USD 4,160

  8. PRIUS 2011 Toyota PRIUS

    Prix: USD 3,570

  9. PRIUS 2018 Toyota PRIUS

    Prix: USD 17,470

  10. PRIUS 2017 Toyota PRIUS

    Prix: USD 11,890

Guyana is in the northern part of South America, like many other Caribbean countries. As a result, Guyana is now a significant market for Japanese secondhand vehicles for sale in Guyana. Guyana has a major market for Japanese-made high-quality autos. The company imports a wide variety of automobiles. Here are a few of the most popular used vehicle for sale in Guyana.



Toyota Allion

Cars like the Toyota Allion, which are both efficient and inexpensive to maintain, are quite popular in Guyana. Toyota has been selling it in Japan since 2001. It is a sedan with seating for five passengers, in addition to the Toyota Premio-like Allion A15 and Allion G, Allion A18s, A18s, Allion A20s, and Allion A20s. The fuel consumption ranges from 17 to 19 kilometers per liter. In order to protect both the driver and the passenger, it contains two safety airbags.



Honda Vezel

Style, dependability, and elegance are all hallmarks of the Honda Vezel. Carmaker Honda has released the Honda Vezel, a crossover subcompact family and elegant vehicle. New York Auto Show debuted the automobile towards the end of 2013, and production began in late 2013. With the addition of all-wheel drive, the five-door hatchback with a front-engine and front-wheel drive is sweeping the globe.

The newest and most beautiful invention, The Honda Lane watch infotainment system, GPS, USB ports, HD radio, and Sirius XM satellite radio are all standard on the Vezel, with a 7-inch touchscreen display. Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control, Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, and Anti-Lock Braking System are included in the safety features.



Alphard Toyota

As of 2002, Toyota has been producing the Alphard premium minivan. A seven-seat and eight-seat version of the vehicle is available. It is a van for families. As a result, it is equipped with both hybrid and gasoline engines. In 2003, Toyota launched the Alphard hybrid with 2.4- and 3.0-liter. All 8-seater variants of the Toyota Alphard240/350X (eight-seater), as well as the 350S "C Package," 240/350G, and 350G "L Package." It was released in 2011 as a facelift model called Alphard. It includes seven airbags for protection and a 2493cc engine. The fuel economy of the Toyota Alphard is rated as 22 miles per gallon. People in Guyana like this vehicle because it provides luxurious accommodations.



Nissan Note

Since its introduction in 2004, the MPV of Nissan Note has become one of the most popular and dependable multipurpose vehicles, also known as an MPV. The MPV is offered in a front-engine and front-wheel-drive configuration. The Nissan Note was developed on the V-Platform and aimed at competing with the Nissan Micro and Nissan Juke. The second generation of the Nissan Note was launched with the 2013 model.

The engine is powerful enough to start itself when it comes to the engine. It has a lot of power, making for a terrific driving experience and a lengthy lifespan. Because the engine is the most significant factor in determining its current value, it must be robust, durable, and dependable like the Nissan Note 2013.



Toyota Estima

Originally manufactured in Japan in 1990, the Toyota Estima has now become a popular vehicle in Europe. The Previa, the third generation of the Estima, was released in 2006. The Aeras, Aeras G-Package, Aeras S-Package, and Estima Hybrid are the four trim levels available for the third generation of Toyota Estima. It is one of the most popular minivans. In 2009, alterations were made to the minivan. These are the most sought-after models in the Japanese used automobile market in 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, and 2008. It has a 65-liter gasoline tank and a 2362cc engine. The fuel efficiency of the Toyota Estima is roughly 11.4 kilometers per liter.



Nissan Dualis

In terms of popularity among secondhand vehicles dealership in Guyana, the Dualis line has been around for a long time. When they were originally revealed in 2006, Japanese crossover models were first made official and continue to be manufactured. The most recent models and variations provide enhanced functionality, quality, features, and dependability to meet preferences and demands. The vehicle type is categorized as a small crossover, and some of the most aesthetically pleasing models are found.

There are various ways to modify the seats in a used automobile, making it easy for a buyer to have a comfortable ride. Even though the front end of the vehicle dips somewhat downwards during really rapid decelerations, the brakes are excellent and have short stopping distances.

Compact dimensions make it easier to find a parking spot while driving and easier to park in the first place. Distance sensors and a camera may aid with front visibility; it is not as good as the back, but it is still good. The suspension provides excellent comfort even while traveling over rough terrain. There is a large console with a strange "ladder" design and a compartment directly in front of the passenger in this well-built dashboard.

When it comes to the front of a vehicle, the LED headlights and chromed V feature that encircles the emblem serve as its primary calling card. With a reverse camera and an in-dash European navigation system, the car has an advantage when it comes to parking.



Toyota Wish

Cars like the Toyota Wish are popular with Guyanese families since they are affordable enough to be utilized by everyone in the family. It is a well-equipped, luxurious vehicle with a wide range of cutting-edge features. The first-generation Toyota Wish was available with six or seven seats and either a 1.8L or 2.0L gasoline engine when it was first released in 2003. Gasoline engines ranging from 1.8 to 2.0 liters were introduced in the second generation. Aspiring to well-designed exterior and interiors for the next generation. The average fuel economy of a Toyota Wish is 18 mpg.


Toyota Prius

In 1997, Toyota introduced the Prius as the first hybrid vehicle in Japan. The most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road is the Toyota Prius. The Prius battery can be recharged by braking when driving with a gasoline engine. Prius is a popular choice because of its quality and ease of use. Prius is a five-passenger hatchback with four doors. The Guyana people are enthusiastic about this vehicle because of its fuel efficiency and comfort. The fuel economy for the Toyota Prius is around 4.4L/100km. The Prius is a great value 

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