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Toyota Voxy 2018 for sale

  1. VOXY 2014 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 13,902

  2. VOXY 2014 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 19,038

  3. VOXY 2016 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 20,776

  4. VOXY 2010 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 4,038

  5. VOXY 2010 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 7,009

  6. VOXY 2009 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 4,990

  7. VOXY 2008 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 7,330

  8. VOXY 2009 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 3,631

  9. VOXY 2014 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 19,000

  10. VOXY 2012 Toyota VOXY

    Prix: USD 11,213

Toyota Voxy 2018 for sale is a reliable car & uses the advanced powertrain


For sale, Toyota Voxy 2018 is suitable for those who like to travel with a large family and lots of luggage. The dimensions of the car are quite large. The relief and comfort that this car is wonderful. But with the huge dimensions, it will take up space in a crowded place, especially when parking.


Toyota Voxy is also equipped with a Rear Parking Camera or reverse camera located on the car s rear body or near the vehicle s rear number plate, which makes it easier for the driver to see objects behind the car. This camera that is mounted behind the car serves as an additional eye for the driver. With the rear parking camera, it will certainly minimize the occurrence of unwanted things when you park.


Comfortable Driving


It has also been equipped with ISOFIX, a standard safety feature for a passenger vehicle in the form of a hook on the second-row seat that functions as a child seat lock. Well, the safety of your baby will undoubtedly be guaranteed with this feature. Like MPVs in general, the Voxy first pulls when driving is very good and comfortable.


It is coupled with the suspension dings, which are now softer than the Toyota NAV1. Even when using a turn, the Voxy still feels solid when a used car buyer drives it closed areas. To be precise, the definition of soft yet steady may be appropriate to describe this car. Besides, its suspension act well set at the front, and the torsion beam at the rear can absorb shocks well.


Specs to Test before Pay the Toyota Voxy 2018 price


Steering Type Power - Rack & Pinion     Transmission Super CVT-I
Valve DOHC Drive Type Front-wheel drive           
Brakes (Front) Ventilated disc                   Brakes (Rear) Disc SUSPENSION
Suspension (Front) strut type coil spring Tire Type Radial    
The suspension (Rear) Torsion beam type coil spring Distributor Type Parallel


For fuel consumption, you do not need to worry because you are afraid of being wasteful. Its fuel consumption is reasonably economical because it is equipped with a proportional engine that will benefit you. Regarding fuel consumption, it is also known to be the most economical among its rivals.


So, from the review above, we can conclude that if you want to buy a luxury car in the class of Alphard but at a friendly used car price, you should buy this car. You have a comfortable and flexible car to use in cities at a very reasonable price, exclusive features like a premium car with economical fuel consumption, spacious car cabin space, soft dings, and a comfortable suspension.


Advance & Aspirated


Voxy uses a stop lamp design that extends downwards and is placed on the C pillar. The LED lights design seems to force us to remember its competitors of this car who were previously on the market. Fortunately, a design like this again makes the car look elegant and luxurious. We love the rearview design of this Toyota Voxy.


The Toyota Voxy 2018 for sale uses the advanced but ordinarily aspirated engine in the lineup of Toyota products sold at used car exporter centers. It is equipped with the valve matic system that is a variable valve technology in valve opening regulated by a computer-based on various parameters such as engine load, weather conditions, the gas opening, etc. Please note, the computer sends a sensor signal to the actuator to adjust the valve opening depending on the engine s needs.


Stable and Reliable


Because they are imported entirely from Japan, you do not need to be afraid of the craft quality and the features it carries. Starting from safety features, its airbags are ready to protect you and your family in this car in the event of an accident.


The active safety features are also something to be proud of, Vehicle Stability Control, which can keep the car from losing traction and remain stable when does sudden actions on the roads, Hill Start Assist, which can keep the vehicle from accidentally backing up on an incline, and braking devices equipped with ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist have become standard in cars.


The luggage space of the Toyota Voxy is still reliable because the car seat folding is customizable as per the required luggage capacity. Also, a Toyota Voxy 2018 price payer needs to know and its trunk floor is flat. The trunk lip is not high, so you can easily lift your luggage and put it in the trunk of this car.


Luxury for Everyone


As previously mentioned, Voxy does offer the perfect luxury for everyone who gets into the car. The word "wow" is a natural response if you look at the features that Voxy provides in the interior. The luxurious premium class cabin, charming dashboard design, appearance, and sunshade further confirms that Voxy is a classy premium car.


Voxy uses a Cutting Edge design on the front and an attractive design on the back on the exterior. Actually, in terms of style, it looks strong and handsome. Its overall shape is too "square," gives a stiff impression. The rigid appearance disturbs Voxy elegant and stylish appearance. However, these deficiencies seem to disappear when you enter the interior of the car.


Not only that, Toyota Voxy 2018 for sale also has a security feature called VSC or (Vehicle Stability Control) which is an innovative technology feature. VSC is a feature that functions to detect and prevent the car from slipping while driving; so, the driver does not need to worry about slipping when using it.

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