Toyota Sienta 2013 – Driving Is Believing

  1. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 7,019

  2. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 8,923

  3. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 8,000

  4. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 6,571

  5. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 8,676

  6. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 8,380

  7. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 5,619

  8. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 5,876

  9. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 7,047

  10. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Prix: US$ 7,619

Toyota Sienta 2013 For Sale

Toyota Sienta 2013 for sale is a second-generation Yaris-based compact people mover. It is a demystifying innovation of Toyota that keep it in race with modern-day living standards. This is a luxury workhorse that comes with youth prospective, aiming to provide comfort, versatility and luxury in the package. It is well sculpted to become a suitable passenger mover. This is a 7-seater commuter that makes the driving easier for enthusiasts thanks to upgradation and quality detailing. It is nicely equipped and feature-rich vehicle that ensure thrills and dynamics without any hard efforts. The cabin is comfortable and supportive for the long run, given with high-quality material and plenty of space. It also contains plethora of techs and features to haul in luxury. It gets a standard locomotive of1.5-liter unit which delivers good refinement and power. All in all, this multi-purpose vehicle ensures safe and secure traveling with your friend and family.



Toyota Sienta 2013 for sale is intuitively engineered car by top Japanese automotive brand Toyota. Its adequate dimension, spacious interior and awe-inspiring techs make it an ideal passenger mover for urban conditions. This is surely a qualified workhorse that enshrouds sporty design and tech gadgetry to enhance driving pleasure. It devours fine styling cues, accentuated with black trim and horizontal V-shaped lights. Its boxy profile embraces friendly-face front fascia, grille and pod-like lamps. The exterior is well built, whereas the Structural rigidity and beautifully designed sculpture allows it to stand out of the crowd. This MPV is a proven choice for extended families thanks to quality details and practicality. The seating arrangement is versatile, allowing seven passengers to sit in relative comfort. It is capable to accommodate domestic gentry conveniently. Supportive seats, fabric upholstery and a busy looking functional type of dashboard are few headline features of the interior. The dashboard with plenty of control option feels useful on the compact MPV segment. It also remains handy on usability. Overall, it is built to the price vehicle.



Under the hood, Toyota Sienta 2013 for sale is equipped with 1.5-liter VVT-engine that endows great punch of power and frugal performance. The power plant is coupled to a seven-speed continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), offering power transmission to the front wheels via sport sequential shifting. It is capable to develop maximum power of 107 horsepower and torque of 140Nm at low rpms. This vehicle also offers good fuel economy on paper at 15.8km/l. It handles smoothly on roads thanks to its well-weighted steering. It stays well composed and poised on longer road trips. It comes with small turning circle and easy driving demeanor that makes up easy parking on tight spots. Moreover, it promises a forgiving economy and exceptional running on the move.


Safety Package

Toyota Sienta 2013 for sale employs plenty of safety kits, incorporating the features like Antilock Braking System, Vehicle Stability Control, Airbags Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, ISOFIX mounts, Hill-start Assist and Reverse Sensors. Overall, it is a solid choice for family-oriented buyers who seek the practicality and performance at the same time.


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