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Toyota Ractis 2015 for Sale

  1. RACTIS 2011 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 2,980

  2. RACTIS 2008 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 3,413

  3. RACTIS 2005 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 5,423

  4. RACTIS 2010 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 6,480

  5. RACTIS 2014 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 4,480

  6. RACTIS 2014 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 6,971

  7. RACTIS 2009 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 2,480

  8. RACTIS 2014 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 7,548

  9. RACTIS 2010 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 3,298

  10. RACTIS 2008 Toyota RACTIS

    Prix: USD 2,317

For City Drives, Toyota Ractis 2015 For Sale Is An Ideal Car


Toyota Ractis 2015 for sale is a too small car, but it looks quite unusual due to its style and appearance. Therefore, it is better to drive this car through the city and the highways and ignore the off-road. It is worth noting that the Toyota Ractis car immediately became popular; at the start of its production.


Its qualities such as comfort, practicality, and quality are worthy to consider. But the main thing in this car is not the dynamics and speed. The main advantage is comfort and equipment. The very first versions of the Toyota Ractis were also offered with panoramic glass roofs. Inside were also installed the Optitron dashboard, the climate control, the bidirectional steering wheel, and important systems such as ABS, EBD, VSC, and TRC.


Easy to Operate Add-ons


In addition, experts have equipped it with various pockets, shelves, hooks, and other containers for storing various things. And all this in the basic configuration. The second generation started producing in the early twenties. At the same time, it continued to supply the car to Europe. The first generation had to face some issues, because the export were stopped. But in later revised version, everything was fine; as it is stated by users and reviewers.


Toyota Ractis 2015 for sale is known in Europe as Verso-S. And by the way, in Europe, the offered versions are available with a diesel engine. The characteristics of models produced in later or other versions are better, which means that the price will be higher. With, auto option, the car will be considered in the G selection. This means that it has a sport mode, a climate, a start/stop button, a multifunction steering wheel, a cruise, an on-board computer, a rear wiper, factory tintometers, signal repeaters, an armrest, and quality tires. In general, everything you need.


Specs at Used Toyota Ractis 2015 Price


Fuel Type Petrol Transmission


Drive Type Front-wheel drive Type Hatchback
Brakes (Front) Ventilated disc   Brakes (Rear) Drum
Suspension (Front) strut Suspension (Rear)

Torsion beam

Fuel System  EFi Lubrication

Wet sump

Coolant Water Drive wheels - Traction FWD


In general, if you want to get yourself a reliable, well built and good subcompact, you can make a choice in favor of this Toyota Ractis 2015 for sale. Unless you confuse driving on the right.


there are a plethora of add-ons as standard devices such as AM / FM radio, CD / MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones, an "iPod Ready" USB port to manage iPod and its colleagues directly thanks to the audio controls on the steering wheel and to view album art on the touch screen which also displays travel information and rearview provided by a camera.


Sporty Appearance


Clearly, at high speeds the car rolls and pitches when braking, but the ESP always checks our every possible misstep and corrects mistakes. The Toyota Verso-S steering wheel houses the infotainment controls on the left and the bluetooth ones on the right, while the air conditioning intelligently heats the passenger compartment, without shooting cold air when we have to heat the environment.


The Bluetooth hands-free can register phones as well as recognize and edit contacts for each phone and view call history. Toyota Touch will also have the option of Touch & Go navigator with speed cameras and traffic information, are an open and evolving system.


The style is simple, with extensive smooth surfaces marked only by a few important marks such as leans to rise on the sides and the slightly rounded fenders. Or like the cutting of the side windows, with the segment, on the contrary, digging the rear pillar. The back is big with lights towards, a nice wide rear window, and the two whiskers that incorporate rear fog light and reverse light designed like the extractors of sports cars. Overall, despite not having an aggressive style, the car has looks Sporty.

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