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Toyota Avensis - The Car That Comes With Intelligence and Sophistication

  1. AVENSIS 2008 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 4,180

  2. AVENSIS 2007 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 6,890

  3. AVENSIS 2013 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 6,460

  4. AVENSIS 2005 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 4,090

  5. AVENSIS 2004 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 1,400

  6. AVENSIS 2005 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 1,310

  7. AVENSIS 2004 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 1,200

  8. AVENSIS 2009 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 10,030

  9. AVENSIS 2006 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 1,320

  10. AVENSIS 2009 Toyota AVENSIS

    Prix: USD 10,230

The family car is an exclusive and versatile product of Toyota Motors Corporation, which started off its production officially in 1997. Toyota motor is undoubtedly a well known and well established name in automotive industry. There are number of exceptionally outclass and technologically advanced cars and automobile solutions created by the company that has awe and inspire the customers across the globe.


The avensis series is the prime example of the company’s capabilities and expertise. Over the period of years, the family car has been updated and transformed for the relevance and convenience of the valued customers. The vehicle has been conceptualized as the futuristic car as its name is derived from the Latin word that means to advance.

The Avensis Generations

Toyota avensis has undergone face lifting and minor changes over the period of three distinctive generations. The first generation ranged extensively from the year 1997 to 2003 and the series launched in this era was known as T210 to 220. The first generation model specifications included four to five doors saloon, lift back and estate with 4600mm length, 1710mm width, 1500mm height and 2630 mm long wheelbase.


Second generation is marked from 2003 till year end 2009 with models having features such as four to five doors for easy entry and exit, 2700 mm long wheelbase, 4715 mm length, 1760 mm overall width and 1525 mm of overall height. Third generation T270 series started off its manufacturing in 2009 and continues launching of varying models till present date. The diesel engine options offer customer greater customization and satisfaction through performance excellence. The engine ranges exclusively from 1.6 liters to 2.2 liters and generates power generation from 132 horsepower to 174 horsepower conveniently.

Exterior and Interior Bold and Smooth Specifications

The avensis models are fitted with the finely detailed and best quality equipment that includes 17 inches alloy wheels, front lightning system, high intensity discharge feasibility, daytime running lights, roof rails, rear view camera, dusk and rain sensors, automatic smart entry and start, automated air conditioning system, electric mirrors, power windows, adaptive cruise control system, audible music speakers, complete entertainment package, wider dashboard, visible display screen, navigation system and heated seats. The formulation of interior and exterior equipment complements each other for an overall sophisticated yet elegant feel of the car!

Safety Specifications

The safety and security of the avensis series remains unparalleled. Therefore many dealers in the local and international markets offer new and well maintained used avensis models for sale at quite nominal prices. The safety features are designed as per the standards and government regulations and includes lane keeping departure warning system, pre crash alerts, anti lock brake system, electronic brake force distribution for better handling over uneven driveways, vehicle stability control system, traction control, tire pressure alerts and active headrests. The features collectively result in incredible functioning and ensure carefree drive for the driver, passengers and the pedestrians on the way.

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