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Peugeot 508 Allure For Sale

Do You Know, Peugeot 508 Allure For Sale Offers Considerable Interior Space

Peugeot 508 Allure for sale is Sedan type car with pleasant lines and considerable interior space, it allows you to tackle long journeys without fatigue; thanks to the excellent soundproofing, the welcoming cabin, and suspensions that favor comfort over the sport. The turbodiesel, coupled with a speedy automatic transmission, is indefatigable and, if necessary, shows a certain grit. a used car buyer can search its other versions.


Artistic Elaboration

In the complicated game of size that leads to defining a family sedan as almost bulky, Peugeot manages to propose a pleasant line, played on the simplicity of the shapes. The nose is characterized by the large grille, under which there is an air intake, and by the contrast with the optical groups, which extend horizontally and surmount the direction indicators, placed immediately above the fog lamps.


The arched roof of the Peugeot 508 ends in a rear window which, necessarily inclined, penalizes rear visibility; the rear parking sensors; however, are standard but the front ones are optional and can increase the cost, if used car buyer wants to add it. The tail is simple, even less elaborate than the front, with the optical groups that help to connect a slim side in spite of a wheelbase.


Elegant And Style

As regards the technical and safety equipment, the electronic brake force distribution, and assisted emergency braking, the inevitable stability control, airbags are standard. Fog lights, electrically adjustable and foldable rear-view mirrors, and automatic operation of the wiper and lights in case of adverse weather are also part of this car.


In the case of Peugeot 508, it was decided to change strategy. Previously, more priority was given to the comfort and softness of the suspension. On the discussed model, however, it was decided to opt for stability and control on the road. The suspension configuration gives a certain feeling of sportiness. Thanks to these features, the car is pleasant to drive and even if the suspension is harder, long journeys will still be comfortable.


The interior of the Peugeot 508 has an elegant and cute design. The quality of materials and the quality of assembly are high. The passenger compartment does not creak and make no other noises while driving. The materials used are quite resistant and if treated well they will not show great signs of wear even after several years. Only the steering wheel could wear out relatively quickly.


Precise Peugeot 508 Allure For Sale Specs

Drive train: 2.0Litre (1997cc) – Inline 4 Diesel, 6-speed automatic

Drive Type: Front-wheel drive

Power and Torque: 120kW @ 3750 rpm – 340Nm @ 2000 rpm

CO2 Emissions g/km: 149 g/km

Green Vehicle Guide Rating: 3 1/2

Fuel Economy L/100km (ADR comb): 5.7 L / 100 km

Tow Capacity: 1475 Kg

Tow Ball Rating: NA

Trunk Capacity: 487 liters

Reservoir: 55 liters

Fuel Type: Diesel


Best for Daily Use

Different trim levels are available i.e. Access (basic), Active (medium), Allure (luxury), and GT (sports version). All versions are well equipped and have all the options necessary for quiet daily use. The initial version does not have a large color display, but only a small narrow display.


The multimedia system can be good and the audio quality will not disappoint. The interior soundproofing is very good for this car class. The electronics of the first generation Peugeot 508 are presented quite well and should not cause major problems. Critical problems can be caused by third factors such as accidents that damage the electronic system, the system contacts with water, or interventions on the electronics by not sufficiently qualified technicians. before pay Peugeot 508 allure price, it is important to check if the central locking and the car radio speakerphone (if present) are working properly with other inspections activities at used car exporter places.


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