Nissan Gloria - The Past Experienced Today

  1. GLORIA 2001 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 4,360

  2. GLORIA 1999 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 9,540

  3. GLORIA 2002 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 5,620

  4. GLORIA 1994 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 11,730

  5. GLORIA 2001 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 2,510

  6. GLORIA 1997 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 10,130

  7. GLORIA 2002 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 4,050

  8. GLORIA 1991 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 16,470

  9. GLORIA 2002 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 5,020

  10. GLORIA 2001 Nissan GLORIA

    Prix: USD 3,960

The Nissan being the sixth largest auto-manufacturing company has a number of well known and not much known models in pocket. It has invested a lot in betterment of its vehicles to give a class of experience. The Nissan Gloria is one such luxury car marketed initially as Prince Gloria before 1966 merger of the Prince Motor Company with Nissan Motor and later renamed to Nissan. First generation of Nissan Gloria is called BLSI. And Y30, Y31, Y32, Y33 & Y34 versions lead to enhancing customer experience.

The Mechanics

NISSAN GLORIAIn its fifth generation the Nissan Gloria 330 came as 2 door hardtop coupe and 4 door hardtop/wagon/van having front engine Rear Wheel (FR) layout. From the year 1975 to 1979 this vehicle shared the features and body of Nissan Cedric, though the Halogen headlights was something differently offered. The engines that were available for this vehicle included 3 gearbox automatic alongside 4 gear box and 5 gearbox manual transmissions. The 2.0 L and 2.8 L straight 6 engines with 2.0 L straight 4 engine were something that not only gave option but contributed to heavy load carriage. The vehicle also brought in diesel option to further strengthen the towing feature with petrol option readily available for better maintenance and fuel efficiency.



The vehicle comes in the typical 1970s body with elongated front with small headlights and Fog lights aside from the back trunk extended for load carriage in sedan. The van came with the extension on the end for giving it a wagon look, though front remained same. The Nissan Gloria 330 came in the typical colors of that era in the Beige, Brown and White color. The wheel cover was also painted to keep a fine match with the body. Though this vehicle is of 70s era but still we see it in used car market with condition that best justify quality. Though the cars are of high mileage but the body is solid, telling best of the quality of the car.


The Inside Features

When we talk about features the vehicle comes with the typical interior having the thin steering wheel with three sides with horns. The dashboard had radio, cassette player for entertainment and information purpose, glove box for storage, speedometer and fuel indication for keeping customer informed. The temperature was also indicated in a chamber on driver seat front. The chock switch acted for conversion of AC to heater while the other switch is for bonnet opening. The back of sedan opened through the switch under driver seat. The other features included cigarette burner and ash tray giving the best class form 1970s. The vehicle had both touch of automation with Automatic Transmission and manual gear shift option through Manual Transmission.


The overall Nissan Gloria 330 gave an experience that was considered the best from past and many consider it the best that was offered in an era when it was not only about money showcasing through car rather it was more about the value and experience it brought while driving. The vehicle had a mark of differentiation and even today people buy the car from past for a less priced and quality experience today.



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