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Mazda Azoffroad review


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Since the 1980s, Mazda has been making efforts to differentiate its vehicles to gain a competitive advantage. If you are a Mazda fan or follower, you must be aware of Mazda Azoffroad. It was launched as a sub-brand just like Toyota launched Lexus.

Mazda Azoffroad is identified as the rebadged version of the Suzuki Jimny. The AZ offroad series consists of different models launched in these years. Specifically, these vehicles comprise 4 seats and 3 doors. The first Mazda Azoffroad model was launched in 1998. In 2014, the company decided to put an end to its production.

Mazda Azoffroad is identified as a dazzling Ranchera. The models included in this range are identified as mini off-road vehicles or belong to the SUV class. It is one of the 63 models introduced by Mazda in the local and international market.

The Mazda modified its AZ Wagon by adding a new bumper. They also added cast aluminum wheel rims of 14 inches along with halogen headlights. Some of the interiors were also reformed and improved by altering the seats and steering. As a result, Mazda Azoffroad came into existence. It is considered a compact all-terrain automobile. In 2002, the company further restyled the vehicles and launched a different version of AZ-offroad.

Features of Mazda Azoffroad

The Mazda Azoffroad model series consists of micro-mini features. The car was styled by redesigning the front grille. The vehicle consists of stylish and durable aluminum wheels. The instrumental panel has been upgraded.

Overall, Mazda Azoffroad is a mixture of an SUV and a micro van. The external features of the vehicle reflect a front grille, a hood, aluminum wheels, and some good colors. In 2004, the cars were modernized using cosmetic recycling of the front part. Along with this, some modifications were made to the interior too.

The Mazda Azoffroad consists of a 660cc engine. It also has three cylinders and the engine was turbocharged. The body style is identified as a sport utility wagon. The power consumed per liter is 97.3 Hp/l and the torque is 106 N. Mazda Azoffroad review shows that the engine s location is transverse and front while the position of cylinders is inline.

Its fuel system is termed a multi-point indirect injection. In addition, the car has five gears and a power hydraulic steering. It is identified as a worm-reduction unit steering type. The front suspension is sprint strut while the rear suspension is helical spring.

The dimensions of the Mazda Azoffroad for sale are presented below:

  • Width: 1475 mm / 58.1 in
  • Length: 3395 mm / 133.7 in
  • Height: 1715 mm / 67.5 in

The overall fuel capacity is identified as 40 liters and it is marked as a gasoline vehicle. It has a gasoline indirect injection fuel system.
The Mazda Azoffroad also consists of some additional features, which include a turbo, EFI, intercooler, and DOHC.

Mazda Azoffroad Review

The Mazda Azoffroad review shows that the AZ off-road series has gained attention in the SUV segment for years. It is a durable and reliable vehicle that offers value for money. Through this series, Mazda secured its position in the market. In the history of Japanese vehicles, Mazda Azoffroad is identified as the charming and elegant series.

Overall, the Mazda Azoffroad is a mini-vehicle that has a capacity for 4 people. The model has achieved commendable success in Japan as it offers value. It is a powerful vehicle that is both reliable and durable. Finding a new Mazda Azoffroad for sale is won t be possible as the company has stopped its production.

However, you can find the used ones. Dealing with the registered sellers can help in finding Mazda Azoffroad for sale in good condition. You can easily find an authentic and wide range of models belonging to this series. These are affordable. You can also easily find the parts of Mazda Azoffroad if required.

Mazda Azoffroad for Sale

If you are searching for a Mazda Azoffroad for sale, you can check out different dealers from Japan. Mazda Azoffroad review shows that the automobile series is equipped with an IC turbocharger supercharger. It

People in different countries are indeed looking for Mazda Azoffroad for sale. It is one of the long-lasting and consistent models.

The AZ in Mazda Azoffroad standards for Autozam. It is identified as an ill-fated small vehicle produced by the company. These cars are driven by a tiny engine, which safeguards a traffic-friendly programmed transmission.

You can easily find used Mazda Azoffroad for sale in good condition. Many auto companies in Japan are dealing in used vehicles. These can be bought at reasonable prices.

The Mazda Azoffroad is authentic and reliable. These are specialized vehicles that offer excellence and are designed conferring to safety principles. The engine and its components are specifically produced to meet the needs of its users. It can be used for long-distance traveling.


  1. Is the Mazda Azoffroad a reliable car?

    The Mazda Azoffroad review shows that the car is highly reliable. Mazda is known for producing reliable and durable vehicles for decades. The AZ offroad series includes a range of models that were modified from time to time. The manufacture focused on offering reliable and durable vehicles throughout.
  2. What is the top speed of Mazda Azoffroad?

    It is 125 km/h / 77.67 mph.
  3. How much does this car weigh?

    The Mazda Azoffroad weighs around 960 kgs, which means 2116.44 lbs. Comparative, mini vehicles are lighter than the standard ones. The material used to produce these cars is environment-friendly.
  4. Is it easy to find the auto spare parts of Mazda Azoffroad?

    Yes, you can easily find its parts from any auto market. Since the company has stopped its production, you can contact auto car dealers who deal with used cars. People are widely selling their Mazda Azoffroad, which makes it easier to find the required spare parts.

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