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Toyota Tundra For Sale In Jamaica

  1. TUNDRA 2018 Toyota TUNDRA

    Precio: USD 32,596

  2. TUNDRA 2013 Toyota TUNDRA

    Precio: USD 19,250

The Toyota Tundra for sale in Jamaica is fitted with an automatic transmission in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. However, unlike domestic pickups, the pickup does not come with an automated four-wheel drive system.

Depending on the cab size and trim, the Toyota Tundra for sale in Jamaica are available with 5.5, 6.5, or 8.1-foot beds. With seven tiers of equipment available, it can handle the needs of a worksite, a business, an off-road vehicle, and a suburban household that requires a dressy interior.



Overview Of Toyota Tundra 

Since Toyota redesigned the Toyota Tundra last year, it is keeping its full-size pickup relatively unchanged for 2023. The Toyota Tundra interior and exterior trim have black and dark gray design elements with this year SX appearance package for the SR5 trim. 
Aside from dark gray 18-inch wheels, black door handles black trim on the body, and darkening of the rear bumper middle section. The SX suite comprises dark gray 18-inch wheels. Tundra door plaques and the color changes to the interior accents will also be removed. Furthermore, the SX package allows you to add white, silver, gray, or black to the exterior paint color. 



Highlighted Features Of Toyota Tundra

The price of Toyota Tundra for sale in Jamaica is higher than its local competitors. In contrast, the entry-level Toyota SR trim comes with more desirable standard features, including a twin-turbo 379-hp V-6 engine and a coil-spring rear suspension. It is also standard on the Ram 1500 to have coil-spring rear suspension. Below listed are the remarkable features of the Toyota Tundra:



Comfort Of The Vehicle

A thick, smooth section connects the door panels, and a chunky dashboard features prominent air vents. In comparison to previous generations, the center console, dash, and doors are made from higher-quality materials. 
The 1794 Edition is distinguished by attractive wood accents, a sign of excellent quality. With lots of storage cubbies and a spacious center bin, all models have a versatile center console. 
Standard instrumentation consists of two analog gauges and a small driver-information display, but the most expensive trim levels come with a 12.3-inch digital dashboard. In addition to two body styles, three different lengths are available for the cargo beds on the Tundra. 
Extending a Cab (also known as a Double Cab) allows you to pick between two-bed sizes. Both 5.5-foot and 6.5-foot beds are available for the crew cab (also known as CrewMax).



Fuel Economy Matters

Those figures are reduced by 1 mpg each when the four-wheel drive tuning is engaged; the non-hybrid powertrain delivers 20 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. Hybrid models achieve city and highway fuel efficiency ratings of up to 20 mpg. 
The extensive research and testing regimen included a 75-mph highway route, which produced only 19 miles per gallon for the hybrid model. 



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