Toyota Camry - Highly Equipped Sedan

  1. CAMRY 2023 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 23,440

  2. CAMRY 2022 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 25,920

  3. CAMRY 2018 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 19,100

  4. CAMRY 2015 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 11,205

  5. CAMRY 2012 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 7,299

  6. CAMRY 2012 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 7,122

  7. CAMRY 2019 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 15,730

  8. CAMRY 2014 Toyota CAMRY

    Precio: USD 4,900

In the Year 1983, the sale of the Toyota Camry Launched in Europe

Only since the Japanese car builder Toyota in 1989, its second brand Lexus introduced in the premium segment, he was also a provider of highly-equipped and technically prototypical liable sedans and coupes perceived correctly. It models the upper and upper-middle class were already years before the vehicle program.
The Toyota Camry is offered as a sedan and from 1986 as a station wagon

The first series of front-wheel drive Toyota Camry has been offered in the years between 1983 and 1986 in two body versions: as a four-door sedan with Step and hatchback. In addition to the entry-level model with 1.8 liters and 55 kW (75 hp), there was the Toyota Camry from 1984 with a larger 2.0 liter engine, which contributed 68 kW (92 hp). In addition, there was a turbo diesel version with 2.0 liter displacement and 55 kW (75 hp). The novel generation of this car diesel made 62 kW (84 hp) installed in the basic version with a gasoline catalysts possessed now has more power in addition to were able to 89 kW access (121 hp). At that time the lately introduced V6 top model of the car Toyota Camry equipped with its 2.5-liter engine produces 118 kW (161 hp).

As of 1991, There is the Toyota Camry Only as Gasoline

A special feature of the new generation: While the sedans were still made in Japan, station wagons came now from the Toyota plant in the US. For bigger room there was also newly urbanized drives that the car Toyota Camry in the 2.2-liter model version of 100 kW (136 hp) as well as 138 kW set available in 3.0-liter top model with the V6 engine (188 hp). The diesel engine was obtainable before detached from the program.

The Toyota Camry comes from 1996, not More Than Combi on the European Market

In the fourth generation (1996 to 2001), the Toyota Camry has grown to a length of 4.82 meters and thus demonstrated his belonging to the upper middle class. The design of this car is energetic and the engines lost power for it, though a little, to meet the necessities of Euro three standards from the Year 2000to the Euro two standard. The entry-level 2.2-liter displacement could access (126 hp) in the modified version of the engine to 93 kW, while at 135 kW brought the V6 top model (184 hp).

More Space in the Generation Toyota Camry From 2001

The interior design of 2001 camry sedan was approximately as demanding as in the super class. The height of the body of this car is nine centimeters gives the passengers ample headroom; the legs stay more space which is thanks to the comprehensive wheelbase by five centimeters. The Size of the in the motors: entered as entry-level engine has a 2.4 liter engine along with 112 kW (152 hp) and the V6 top model got a manufactured from aluminum engine with 137 kW (186 hp).

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